Super Junior: Super Show 2

I started to love Super Junior last year, 2009 when I’ve watched the music video of Sorry Sorry for the first time, its catchy and the other songs too like Neorago (Its You), Super Girl, Sorry Sorry – Answer, Shining Star and many more. I cant stop listening to Super Junior songs. Just sharing. I was so excited for the Super Show 2 because I told myself, “This is the first time that Super Junior will perform live here in Manila, I need to see them!“. They are my crushes and I didnt want to miss this event. Because of that I was more excited about the SS2 than my birthday (April 8, two days before the concert). The fans were screaming even though the concert hasnt started yet . When the Super Junior members were introducing themselves, I was glad and shocked when I heard Shindong. Shindong said 1 to 10 in tagalog, “isa, dalawa, tatlo, apat, lima, anim, pito, walo, syam, sampu” after that he said “ano ba yan!” I couldnt believe it! That was amazing. They are great in singing and dancing. Eunhyuk the dancing machine did amazing and cool moves. Henry Lau played the violin, and he was awesome. Ryeowook and Sungmin played the piano (talented guys). Yesung really has an amazing voice. Finally, I saw Siwon wearing sleeveless shirt. Heechul had a solo too, a rockin solo. I love the Puff  The Magic Dragon part, Kyuhyun sang it, his voice is so amazing. Shindong played the role of the baby and the other members were funny too! Oooh, I love it when Leeteuk and Donghae were infront of the camera. The fans gave gifts for them, SJ members were so happy receiving gifts while performing. Before the concert ended, Kyuhyun my loves kissed a girl’s hand, “I wish I were that girl, she’s so lucky, i envy her:( Koreans are such great performers. It was my first time to go to a concert like that, so much fun, interesting, entertaining, cute and funny. I SUPER enjoyed it, I saw SUPER JUNIOR. ❤ The best concert ever~ :D


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