Day 4: Your ultimate k-pop girl bias


2NE1 CL, MINZY, BOM, DARA. Sorry, but it’s hard to pick, they’re all awesome. They got the swag. They enjoy every performance. Bubbly people. I love Dara coz she loves to smile and I love her soft voice too. I love Minzy, the dancing machine, when she’s dancing Im getting goosebumps, she’s great. I love Bom and her powerful voice. She loves to eat just like me! I love CL, the baddest female, when she raps she’s so fierce. She’s a great leader. When you combine them, they own every stage. Yes, Im a girl. They are my fashion icons.

I read something about them and until now I still love reading it:

When they were in Japan, Dara went to another room after getting her makeup done while Minzy, Bom, and CL were still finishing their makeup. All of a sudden, the earthquake occurred, CL immediately called Dara to calm her down.

That’s so sweet. They are like sisters. I love them equally, that’s why I cant pick.


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