Dinner at Po Suk Jung Restaurant

This was my first time to eat at a Korean restaurant. We ordered Angus Beef (specialty of Po Suk Jung), Samgyeopsal, Bibimbap, Korean Pancake and Japchae or Korean glass noodles. The Angus Beef is my favorite, you can slice it without hassle because the meat’s really soft and juicy. The Japchae was flavorful, you dont need to add spices anymore. The samgyeopsal was really nice, you just have to experiment with the side dishes to find the perfect flavor. Wrap the vegetable with garlic and pork belly, you’ll love it. The korean pancake tastes like scrambled egg & it has some vegatables. I didnt like the Bibimbap because of the mushroom flavor. I really dont eat that kind of mushroom but our family members loved it. There’s a soup included if you’ll order Bibimbap. We just ordered five dishes but look our table was full of side dishes. The side dishes: some spicy noodles, fish, vegetables, baked egg (i loved it, it’s really soft), for dessert; green and red apples. The owner gave us free korean ice cream. That was a delicious dinner!

Po Suk Jung is located in Pasig City, near Valle Verde Country Club.


2 thoughts on “Dinner at Po Suk Jung Restaurant

  1. i’ve been trying korean food lately- found this one. i was here last monday afternoon. I like their food and their service. The view of the garden adds flavor to the food. next time i’ll try to have dinner – i thing the ambiance will be differrent.
    Btw, i saw your photos at flcker- you have an “eye” for great shots/ subjects.

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