GE X5: My Sample Shots

These are some of my shots using GE X5 camera. I love to use macro mode. Im still practicing, Im not yet familiar with the other modes.
Add me as your contact on Flickr if you want.

X5 using Macro Mode:

X5 using Panorama:


2 thoughts on “GE X5: My Sample Shots

  1. Wow. I was searching for sample shots of GE X5 coz I’m planning to buy one. Then I saw your site. YOU ARE A FANGIRL GOSH! I see “Super Junior” on your Fangirling topics. ^-^ You went to The Party? Did you use your X5 in taking pics of 2NE1? Oh btw, I’m an ELF. πŸ™‚ Nice site. ^^

    • GE X5 is nice though the video quality is not in HD. Oh, you’re a kpop fan too! thank you for visiting my blog. sadly im broke, i didnt go to The Party. T_T

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