Lipstick vs. Lip gloss

I asked some people on Yahoo Answers if they prefer lipstick or lip gloss. Looks like most of them prefer to use lip gloss (like me!). Read their opinions/comments below:

Answerer 1:lip gloss

Answerer 2:i like lip gloss cuz of the shine and makes my lips look bigger lol. i see lipstick as more of a BOLD look.

Answerer 3:I prefer both, but if I’m in a hurry, it’s lipstick all the way!

Answerer 4:I prefer the more natural look. Lip gloss gives you a little color and shimmer without the heaviness of lipstick. Plus gloss doesn’t stick to your teeth.

Answerer 5:i prefer lip gloss, but before you put it on, put some chapstick on. then your lips dont have that sticky feeling.

Answerer 6:surely i would prefer shimmering lip gloss

Answerer 7:I prefer both, but if I’m in a hurry, it’s lipstick all the path

Answerer 8:lip gloss

Answerer 9:Lip gloss, it’s more moisturizing usually and a lot more forgiving if you mess up

Answerer 10:i prefer lip gloss because you get colour and shine, with lipsticks you just get a bold colour that you might not want for everyday. I’m not saying lipsticks are bad, i think they are great but lip glosses are better in my opinion ๐Ÿ™‚

Answerer 11:Lipstick works better for me. I don’t like the way lipgloss feels… it drives me crazy feeling that wet, stickyness and I end up wiping it all off within minutes. I also hate shiny lips and I can’t stand how it smears everywhere, especially on teeth. I find that longwear lipstick, such as L’Oreal’s Endless, works great and I can find colors that I would actually want to wear. It doesn’t even feel like I’m wearing anything and it stays put (no lipstick on my teeth).


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