I regret wearing lipstick and lipgloss.

credits to: icm-style.com and thehairstyler.com

My lips were light red but most of the time they are pale when I’m in cold places (it’s cold in our classrooms). So I started wearing lipstick few months ago. I didn’t like the feeling so I started to use lip gloss. I guess make up is not really my thing. I really regret wearing them because now my lips are becoming grayish. I don’t know what to do to bring back the natural color. 😦

I believe our lips are not safe whether we are using very affordable or expensive lipsticks and lip gloss. Expensive or not there are still harmful chemicals that can darken our lips.


4 thoughts on “I regret wearing lipstick and lipgloss.

  1. Hey babe.. Yea the one I’m holding in the photo is Orange Passion.

    Btw, people around me have worn lipstick for years and I don’t think anyone has complained of it making their lips gray yet lol

  2. Hi again. I recommend the Nivea Pinkish Boost. It moisturizes and I have been using it for two weeks now and my lips kind of lightened a little bit. Will do a review on it soon. I also recommend applying a lip balm with SPF before piling on the lipstick or lip gloss. BTW, the account you followed is my main blog. My beauty blog is skinjourneys.blogspot.com. I hope the product I recommended would help you out. :3

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