Etude House: AC Clinic Red Spot Balm +whitening Review

Hello girls! Tonight Im going to review about another Etude House skin care product which is the Red Spot Balm. I got this as a freebie when I bought AC Clinic Pink Powder Spot, it’s included in the box. 😀

The packaging:

What’s inside:


  • lessens the redness of my pimples
  • lessens dark spots
  • After using this for 1 week, my small dark spots were lighter.
  • I like the scent


  • I used this on my large dark spots and I think it will take forever to see the effect. I didn’t see any improvements after 2 weeks. I honestly don’t want to wait longer so I’m searching for a whitening product that  lightens faster.

How to apply: After cleansing face, use spot treatment and gently dab it on the affected areas.

Rating: 3/5


3 thoughts on “Etude House: AC Clinic Red Spot Balm +whitening Review

  1. i have this product to together with the pink powder spot thingy.. it does help lighten the small ones like u said kaso ung malalaking spots parang 2-3 weeks ko na gngmit every night di pa dn nagllighten… been thinking about using the snail cream.. dami kaso gndang reviews 🙂 i hope u can also check that out..

      • I so agree with your review. I’ve been using Red spot balm for 2 weeks and it’s taking a long time for the big pimples to completely dry and lighten up. But it has a soothing effect because it feels somewhat cool (menthol) when I apply it on my face.

        BTW, I also have the Darling cream and if you have oily skin, just like me then you either have to put it on your face very lightly or don’t use Darling snail cream at all because it can trigger pimples to pop up on the face.

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