Zen Zest Tea Tree Oil review

Hello! ^^ It’s time for another product review. Im interested in products with tea tree oil because I’ve read it’s really good for healing annoying pimples. 🙂 I actually want to buy The Body Shop’s tea tree oil but it’s expensive for me (im just a student. hehe). A reader switched to Zen Zest because the price got higher. TBS’s price is P450 I guess. This 15ml bottle costs P150 only. Yay for Zen Zest! It’s affordable for students like me. Yay! 😀

 The packaging:

top of the bottle:

Zen Zest claims: “Extracted from the leaves and twigs of the Australian Tea Tree, its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties deep cleanses your skin and leaves it blemish free.”


  • heals pimples. 1 to 4 days for small pimples and 4 to 8 days for huge pimples.  (There’s no overnight solution to pimples unless you have them injected)
  • affordable
  • soothing
  • it’s also good for insect bites.
  • it’s not tested on animals. I love animals. 😀


  • The smell is kinda strong but Im used to it already. 😀
  • I dont like the top of the bottle, I take time to wait for the oil to come out.

4 thoughts on “Zen Zest Tea Tree Oil review

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