It’s the shitty time of the month

I’m 17 and my pimples are starting to get severe. I have lots of dark spots because of them. They irritate me so much. I have 4 huge bumps and small pimples on my forehead. There are little ones on my cheeks and chin. I am using Lush Fresh Farmacy as my cleanser and it doesn’t prevent breakouts but helps to dry them. I’m still searching for a good toner. I have fair skin and because of that blemishes are really visible on my face. It’s the con of fair skin.  A friend and even a stylist at the salon said to me: “sayang mukha mo”. Thanks to them and to all the people who notice every single thing on my face, my confidence level is so low. So I really need to wear makeup. I use Tony Moly’s Dear Me Petite Cotton BB Cream to cover them. I am planning to buy Tony Moly’s Honey Bee BB Cream because I heard it hides blemishes and heals pimple because of the honey extract. I also wanna buy Intense Repair Live Snail Essence. I’ve tried the snail cream and it dried my pimple after 2 hours. But the negative side of it is that it broke me out. That’s why I wanna try the essence because it has higher snail mucin content. Thick creams are not suitable for oily skin, it will just cause breakouts. I gotta buy the sample of the essence. I hope it’s not super thick like the cream.


5 thoughts on “It’s the shitty time of the month

  1. A good toner to try is Clinique’s Mild Clarifying Toner – it lightly exfoliates and removes any residual makeup and dirt that remains after cleansing, clogging up pores. It’s also good because unlike the #1-4 formulations, it doesn’t contain alcohol or menthol, which can be irritants that cause breakouts. I haven’t tried or read up on the Acne Clarifying Lotion, though – you could look that up or try it out and see if it works for you. Sephora and Clinique counters in department stores are very good about returns if products react negatively with your skin.

    Where are you from? Have you considered trying blue light therapy or Accutane? Although you are still young, I wouldn’t suggest going to such drastic measures yet. You will most likely outgrow even severe acne – I know many people who have. Acne is passing and it goes away – who you are makes you more beautiful than whatever anyone may say about anything on your face. Keep your head up, my dear, and keep smiling!

    • Thanks for the tips and encouraging words. Hehe. 🙂 I will try Clinique’s Mild Clarifying Toner. Hopefully it would work for me. I’m from Philippines. We really have hot weather here which can really cause pimples. @____@

      • Let me know how the toner works for you! If you want to try the other formulas, you could. My sister uses #1 which does have alcohol I believe but not menthol.

        Hot weather does make skin more susceptible to issues. But it’s probably a combination of weather and puberty 😉 Don’t worry overly much about it, you should give them cheek for comments 😛

  2. Hi, I had the same problem until I was 21 when I started using Celeteque facial cleanser, toner and moisturizer. Sometimes, cleansers and toner can do the job yet the moisturizers (and sometimes the make up) can irritate an oily skin. I had to try a lot of acne removing products just to discover that. But Celeteque has the perfect moisturizer for an oily skin since it is water-based.

    • I stopped using Celeteque’s toner and I think I made the wrong decision. It smells like vodka and I hate it. While I was using it, I only get 1 pimple during my period. But now, I get huge bumps all over my face while using other toner. I’ll get back to it as soon. -____- the pimples are fading away now but they leave super dark spots… that’s another problem. So when I have a job, I’ll try the dermaroller. @___@

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