Etude House Dream On Foundation Slim & Cover #1 review

I love my BB cream but it can’t cover my dark scars. So I have no choice but to buy foundation until my money is enough for the scar treatment. My first choice is EH’s Baby Skin Foundation but it’s always out of stock. 😦 So I ended up with this one in Light Beige. 🙂

The packaging: It comes in a box. I took a picture of it but idk where did it go. O_O It’s so cute! ^o^ It’s like the bigger version of Etude’s nail polish container. :))) It’s a glass so it’s kinda heavy.

The pump is love! 🙂

Directions, Caution and Ingredients. I don’t see paraben. \:D/



after: It’s light to medium coverage only.  I also need to use a concealer to cover up the spots.


  • Cute packaging
  • Did not give breakouts
  • With pump, I dont have any problem with it unlike other girls.
  • 45ml, that’s a lot! 😀
  • The container is made of glass so you can see how much is still left
  • Gives glowing effect


  • expensive
  • only 2 shades are available
  • I am not happy with the coverage. The coverage is just like the BB creams’ coverage, it’s only thicker.

4 thoughts on “Etude House Dream On Foundation Slim & Cover #1 review

  1. Hello,
    Where do you plan to get your scar treatment?
    I’m kinda new to manila (lol..I’m ashamed to say that I’ve lived for more than 10 months, and I still don’t know how to go around.) Anyhow, if you’ve done your scar treatment, please please give a review about it. And please do give the prices. I have so many scars on my legs because of the mosquitoes in my place. They vanished naturally before, but now it’s like everyday I get a mosquito bite, I am like covering myself all over. lol. >_<

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