December 2012 Haul

I’m sad and at the same time afraid to tell everyone…. I think my skin got used/immune to my regimen.. Lush Fresh Farmacy, Celeteque toner and products with snail slime. Snail products prevented my breakouts before but now…. 😦

Or is it just my wrong diet and stress? I think those are the main causes of my recent breakout. 😦

This is my first ever haul post. I bought a lot of products this month. Most of them are skincare products. Clear and acne free skin is the key to beautiful makeup.

So here they are~

Skincare products (from left to right): Panoxyl 4% Benzoyl Peroxide, Dermstrata Erythromycin Solution, Dermstrata Centella Gel, Snoe White Calamansi Mask, Snoe Star Night Star Bright Perfecting Toner, Mizon All In One Snail Repair Cream

They are anti-acne and some have whitening ingredients too.


Makeup: Tony Moly BabyDoll Pot Concealer 01 and ELF Lip Stain104_1298

I’ll review all the skincare products soon. I have to try each one of them for a long time since skincare products takes a lot of time to see some effects.

I’ll review the lip stain tomorrow. πŸ™‚


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