ELF Lip Stain review

Good evening ladies! I just got home from the mall. I’m a bit tired…. And I’m back to review another affordable makeup. 🙂

I was supposed to buy Etude House’s lip tint. I passed by ELF’s kiosk few weeks ago. ELF’s lip stain container looks interesting. I think Revlon and Covergirl have this kind of lip product.

The container looks like a pen. It feels awkward when I apply this at a public place because people might think I’m using pentel pen for my lips. lol. :))


There are three shades to choose from. I bought the darkest shade. It dries quickly so you have to be an expert even during the first application. @___@104_1301

Before (my bare lips): look at those pale lips. hahaha. That’s my problem. I have to apply something so that my lips will be lively.104_1306

After: I love using water based lip tint/stain but I really don’t know how to apply them properly. -______-104_1307

This is a so-so product for me. For 199 pesos, this is good for those who want an alternative for Revlon and Covergirl’s lipstain. It last for 2 hours without eating. It wears off after eating and drinking.


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