Flower Nail Art: My Nailaholics Experience

It’s Sports Fest at our school. They said we have classes but our professors were absent. 😀 I decided to go to Nailaholics Megamall. My old nail art was a panda with blue base. 🙂 I forgot to take a pic. 😦

Anyways… My Nailaholics experience turned out to be greater than what I’ve expected. Their services are less expensive than other nail spas that I’ve visited before. My “attendant” was Marie. She was nice and friendly. The receptionist was very accommodating even at the end of my mani session. 🙂

The interior & ambiance were relaxing. I would love to visit this place again with my sis. 🙂

This flower nail art costs PHP420. It includes  cleaning, cutting, hand massage. I picked a branded nail polish for the base, that’s an additional PHP40.

Marie did this design. I picked a simple design because she might get really tired after doing the nail art.

Nailaholics Review: Flowers Nail Art

Isn’t it cute? I just love to tweak my nails. I find them boring without nail polish. O_____O

Have you tried to avail Nailaholics’ services? if yes, what are your experiences? 🙂

Check out their website and facebook fan page. 🙂


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