Skin Peel problem: Going to the beach this Sunday

I love summer vacation. Ah love it because there’s no stress and pressure from schoolworks.
We are going to the beach this Sunday and I have a problem. I’m still on the peeling process. It’s just a light peel on the face but I know I need to stay away from sun exposure. I also need to wear sunblock.

But sunblock is useless here even if it’s SPF 100. The temperature is so hot plus,the sun’s heat is too much.

I admit, Im not the outdoor type but I like seeing amazing places. I only go out at 8am and go out again at 4pm. Especially during summer vacations. :))

I’m like “hey let’s go to the mall and watch movie and pigout” instead of travelling. Me and my close friend are the same, yes we’re boring. :)) I think my body is weak because I always get dizzy when I go to hot places. I ruin the situation and my family ends up worrying about me instead.

Well I dont want to disappoint them so I’ll still go. I decided to do a chemical peel because I want to lighten dark spots. Too much sun exposure after a peel will lead to skin darkening.

I want to stay at the cabin more than the shore. But I dont want to be KJ. I’ll just put on sunblock and wear a hat. 😛

Goodluck to me. 😉

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