Garnier Pure Active Multi-Action Scrub review

I ran out of cleanser so I had to purchase quickly because I don’t want to use body soap on my face. lol.

 We went to the supermarket. I was looking at different cleansers’  ingredients. They all have paraben. :O

I found Garnier and glad that this doesn’t have any paraben. yay! 😀

So here’s the packaging:


Packaging: It’s in a plastic tube. Convenient and you can easily squeeze out the product

Scent: The scent is tolerable

Price: Affordable because it’s less than 200 pesos

Effect: This makes me feel that my skin is squeaky clean after every use. That’s a good thing for me but it’s not good for other people. It has little blue beads for the scrubbing. Even though I have very oily skin, this dried out my skin. I had dry skin for 2 to 3 weeks. Yikes! My moisturizer was gel type so it wasn’t enough to moisturize my skin. I do not recommend to use this every day. Maybe once or twice a week will do to exfoliate the skin. I said to my dermatologist that I’m using this one. She said it’s not good to use this for active acne because it will cause irritation.

These are the blue beads that I was talking about. Hopefully you can at least see it in this pic 🙂



  • Affordable
  • Paraben free
  • Can be used for exfoliation, once or twice a week
  • Available almost everywhere


  • Dried out my skin although I have very oily skin
  • Can cause irritation especially for active acne
  • Did not do much on my acne
  • Did not help to prevent breakouts

This is a so-so cleanser for me. As you can see, the pros and cons are equal.

Have you tried any Garnier cleanser? products? Let me know what did you experience. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Garnier Pure Active Multi-Action Scrub review

  1. hi there! I’ve tried garnier toner from the oil free series (the baby blue one), but i havent tried the pure active toner since i havent finished the oil free one. At first, i didnt notice that the baby blue one is an astringent, I read some articles abt astringent and i conclude that it is too harsh for everyday use.

    • Hi… Yes, astringents are too harsh for everyday use. It causes sting and redness sometimes. I’m using an alcohol free toner. No sting, redness and dryness. It maintains my skin’s moisture. Alcohol is a good cleansing ingredient but it can be drying for the skin 🙂

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