Ever Bilena Extreme Lipstick review

I got this as a gift. Thanks to my cousin! 😀

I got Ever Bilena Extreme Lipstick in Cranberry Cream. I always choose a shade that’s dark because my lips are so pale. As you can see, I always use lip tints with red shade. I rarely use lipsticks. I don’t know why I feel awkward when I use lippies. :O

Here’s the packaging:


Price: It’s 165 PHP. Affordable, isn’t it? 🙂

Shade: It’s reddish and glittery

Staying power: It doesn’t last long. It’s already gone right after I eat and drink. It didn’t even leave a hint of shade. 😦

EB Extreme in Cranberry  CreamIt’s already shimmery so you don’t need to apply lipgloss. I like matte lipstick because it’s more wearable in a normal day. In this type of lipstick, I think it’s nice to use  this when it’s a special occasion or parties.


  • Affordable
  • Glides smoothly
  • Creamy
  • Available at department stores, supermarkets and convenience stores
  • I like the shade
  • No need for extra shine of lipgloss, it’s already shimmery


  • has Paraben
  • Doesn’t last long

Have you tried any Ever Bilena products? Let me know what have you tried. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Ever Bilena Extreme Lipstick review

  1. What color is that caus mine is apple brandy its really beautiful i like wearing lipstick yeah you now but u said it doesnt last longer no mine stays last longer it stays in my lips its hard to take of my mom gave it to me iam 11 years old, im too young for that, i know but wearing lipstick makes me feel im gorgeous

  2. I have an EB Extreme lipstick in different shade and wear off easily. They should have this line available in matte. But I can’t complain ‘coz it’s very affordable.

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