Unboxing: MEMEBOX Special #28 All About Eyes

This is my first ever beauty box and unboxing post. It’s from Memebox. The box contains different eye makeup like mascara, concealer, eyeliners, false lashes and eye care. I was really surprised because I received 8 full sized products. That’s a lot. 😀

The box looks like this. But when you receive this, it’s in a bubble wrap. I love receiving packages! 😀

The items are carefully placed in the box.

Here are the items. I categorized them so you wont get confused:

Cheek Room Curl & Volume Mascara


YniPicture-Esque 3 Dots Eyeliner and KARADIUM Line Hero Auto Gel Liner Pencil

MDaida Wonder Pen Concealer SPF45++

Sally’s Box Friendly Collagen Eye Patch and MDaida Wonder Eye Volumer Filler

Falsies and Eyeshadow:
Secret-Stargirl S-Style 2set and Cheek Room Eyeshadow (10 Violet)

Look at all the items. Im exploring other makeup aside from face makeup. It’s fun to learn and try new things. Im so excited to try these out. I will review them all so be sure to visit my blog again. 🙂

If you want to purchase this special box or other Korean beauty boxes and products, visit memebox.com. They have worldwide shipping. 😉

Special thanks to Memebox for sending this beauty box.


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