Review: Sally’s Box Friendly Collagen Eye Patch

Hello readers! I’ve organized the products which I’ll review. I just started this week. Tonight’s quick review is about an gel eye patch which is included in Memebox All About Eyes Box.

Eye patches and masks are fun to use after a long day at school or work. It gives you a quick spa treatment at home.

I had to give this to my brother because his eyes hurt. I sorted everything he said to pros and cons. We put it in the fridge first. 🙂

The packaging looks like this


This is a hydrogel type eye patch for delivering rich moisture and nutrition to dry, sensitive or aging eye contours. The collagen formula works to tighten up sagging skin and also soothe, cool, replenish sensitive under-eye area.

The instructions are all in Korean. Here’s the translation on how to use it:
Remove the eye patch from the film and place it underneath your eyes, making sure the rounder end faces towards your nose. Rest for 20-30 minutes, remove the patch and pat in the remaining essence for full absorbance. 


  • his eye pains were gone after using it
  • cooling effect he immediately felt right after applying the patch
  • soothing effect
  • relaxes the eye area
  • eyes look more awake
  • it didn’t slip although it’s gel type


  • the packaging is difficult to cut out

Overall, he liked and enjoyed using it. He was amazed because the eye pains that he got from stress went away. It’s a good patch although the effects are not permanent. Of course, you cant instantly see long term effects in just one use. If you buy and use it multiple times, you might see a difference. 🙂

Oh, I still have hydrogel face masks from sally’s box. My brother tried it out already. Im also excited to try them. 😀


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