My thoughts on giving skincare tips

There are people who ask me about acne management. My skin is better now but I still get few pimples, just have to deal with scars and pigmentations. People ask me the products and treatments which are effective. I always remind them that Im not a dermatologist. We have different skin types. Some have dry, normal, combination or oily skin. I have oily skin, for example you have oily skin too. It doesn’t mean the products/treatments I’ve tried will work well on you. Skin types have different sensitivity. You need to try the products/treatments so you can see if they will work or not. It’s always a trial and error case. I know, it’s difficult, time and money consuming. @___@

Here are some of the things I always say to them;

My dermatologist told me to limit intake of dairy products such as milk and cheese, nuts, sweets, spicy foods, salty and oily foods. The first major breakout of my life was in Christmas season 2012. I was pigging out on pizza, cake and other salty and sweets. And I regret that but we cant turn back the time now so I accepted that it’s my fault. Unfortunately, the things that my derma listed are all my favorite foods especially cheese, salty and sweets. I still eat those but not to the point that Im pigging out. Just enough to satisfy my cravings. I also gave up soft drinks/sodas.

De-stress after work or school to avoid pimples. My skin got really better during our summer vacation 2014. It was stress free. And then 4th year 1st sem came up. We did 4 research papers and 4 defense as well. So I only get 4 hours of sleep maximum. I had huge pimples on my forehead and sides of my lips. I just feel sad because my skin became ugly again because of stress after 2 months of my amazing TCA Peel during vacation. It’s 2nd semester already and still get at least two huge pimples. Im still figuring out on how can I de-stress. I sleep after school if Im really really tired and just wake up for dinner. Im also taking a shower at night but that’s not enough.

Now, I drink lots of water especially when I eat sweets and salty foods to dilute those things. When Im in school, my diet sucks. Im so busy that I only get to drink 2-4 glasses of water per day. I also broke out that time. Drinking lots of water really made a difference for me

I get huge pimples whenever Im constipated. This is a fact.

I changed shampoo with a strong scent, you know the usual shampoo of girls here. I had breakouts on my cheek (the most depressing thing for me) and forehead. Then I switched back to my old shampoo, Head & Shoulders, which only have a hint of fragrance. My skin become calm again, breakouts were controlled.

Be open minded about buying products, not just from the same brand
Most of my readers are kpop fans and they always ask about products from common korean brands here in PH. There was a time I went with my friend (foreigner) to a Korean cosmetic store at the mall. She said my skin is fine, just have few pimples and pigmentations. She said to me maybe Korean brands are not meant for my skin, try other brands. And so I did. There’s a hype in korean makeup and skincare today. They are more concentrated and targeted. But if you tried like 2 to 3 products from a brand, it’s time to look for another brand. You don’t want to waste money, right?

Consult a dermatologist
I always tell them to consult a dermatologist as soon as possible. Remember, you have to be consistent to effectively treat your acne. Before its too late! If you think your acne is uncontrollable anymore then you need to go to a derma clinic already. So you can avoid pesky acne scars and pigmentations which I have. If you add all the worth of products that did not work on you, you already had the chance to have acne treatments like facials, lasers and peels, buy pre scripted products and meds. I always tried different products before I finally decided to consult a dermatologist. I’ll spend 50,000 php for my acne scars treatments excluded ‘the other services I bought. Of course, I have to get a job first. Dont be like me. Do something about yours so you don’t have to spend that huge amount.


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