Review: Flawless Pimple Injection

Good evening. This is another clinic service review. This is my quick remedy for cystic acne. I do not like to put spot treatment creams/gels anymore for those big ones because it will take forever before they’ll go away.

Im used to injections since I was a kid, but not for the face. I had my first pimple injection when I was in 2nd year college. I think that was 2013. I saw how convenient it was. You dont have to let the cystic acne stay for a week+ anymore! 🙂

What to expect:
-Pricking and extraction of acne if it’s not in the skin.
-A little pain
-Acne will subside a few hours after.
-Acne will be gone completely in 24 hours or 2 days max.

Here’s my before & after:

Left- before the treatment ; Right- 2 days after

– Available at all Flawless clinics
– The dermatologist was very nice and accommodating, had it done at SM Makati
– Quick solution
– Cystic acne will be gone after 1 or 2 days tops, for me.
– This one didn’t cause deep acne scar/pit.

– Pricey compared before (new price is 150 pesos, old price was 100 pesos)
– Might cause deep scar IF applied too much (all pimple injections are like that, not just in this clinic)

I like how it works on me since I get occasional breakouts that are huge. If you are used to needles, then there’s no problem for you to try this one. My dermatologist at Makati Med Plaza also has this service for 100 pesos. But, their clinic’s cutoff is 6pm. If you cant make it and have this done at later time, I suggest your book an appointment at Flawless because their cutoff is 8pm. 🙂


10 thoughts on “Review: Flawless Pimple Injection

  1. Hello ive been meaning to try the pimple injection but its so expensive at least in my case bec i have mild acne. Amyway have you considered oral treatments like Zinc for Acne, Rosy Peel and BioClear? Im in zinc for acne supplement and im on my second bottle now so far my acne subsided but i still breakout whenever im having my period or i used a new product.

    • Hi yes, right now Im taking zinc tablets which was prescribed by my dermatologist. I have mild to moderate acne. It does help me with hormonal imbalance. It’s just that I get stressed a lot so I still get cystic acne. @___@

  2. Wow amazing effects! I had gone thru IPLs, pixel, lasers for my cystic acne but they are pricey. After visiting my beautician for 6mths, it started to clear up and I found out i have pores that clog easily. I switched to clarisonic and the rest is history. Do you know the triggers for your outbreaks aside from the regular cycles? Could be food as well eg too much sugars?

  3. My cystic pimples always need to get extracted (pricked) before they are injected and I found that it ALWAYS leaves scars when my pimple is on my nose. It leaves raised bumps that don’t go away. They’ve been here for 2 years. But I am afraid that I have no choice but to have them extracted and injected because they never really heal. My dermatologist does this.

    Did you have any cystic pimples on your nose that you go extracted and injected? How was the experience and did it scar? And is it a dermatologist who does the extraction and injection?


    • Hi! I rarely get pimples on the nose area. But if I have, they are just small. They get extracted by the aesthetician during my facials. They only leave dark spots.

      The only time that the dermatologist extracted my cystic pimple was when I had it done at SM Makati (this blog post). I was there early so there were only 2 people in the clinic (derma & 1 aesthetician). The rest are always the aestheticians doing the extracting then they will just call the dermatologist for the injection once they are finished.

      I really liked the result when the derma’s the one extracting the pimples. It doesnt leave deep/pitted scars since she didnt force the puss to come out if it doesnt want to. Some aesthetician will force the puss to come out no matter what which can cause deep scars.

      I had a pimple on my forehead that was injected by a nurse. She injected too much that it looked like I have a lump on the center of my forehead that lasted for two days. The lump was inflamed and it’s like full of liquid. It subsided but it caused deep scar.

      I think the reason there are raised bumps is there’s not enough collagen beneath the skin on the nose area since it’s mostly just soft bone. Also, the steroid might be injected too much which causes the raised scar.

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