Review: Nature Essentials Pure Maracuja Oil

Good afternoon readers! Today’s review is about a natural skincare. This is my second time to use an oil type moisturizer. The first one was jojoba oil. This was sent to me by Nature Essentials. I said that it takes me two weeks or more to fully make a review of something. I want to provide before and after photos as much as possible.

Please take note that I applied this on my nose area only. The other parts of my face is extremely oily and I’m still applying scar gel on my deep chickenpox scars.



What is Maracuja Oil?
“Maracuja oil is said to act as an emollient (a substance that increases the skin’s hydration). Proponents claim that the oil is a rich source of many substances thought to enhance skin health, including essential fatty acids, minerals, and antioxidants (such as vitamin C).”


Before and after: The red spots were caused by chickenpox

First pic was taken last April 5 ; Second pic was taken last night April 25

– The bottom of the packaging is wide which avoids spills.
– Dropper makes it easier for me to control the amount of oil
– Can also be used as a highlighter
– Instantly gives rich moisture to my dry skin areas
– Didnt cause any breakouts
– It absorbs quickly if you just use the right amount
– Doesnt leave film / oily texture on the skin
– It soothes my irritated post-chickenpox skin
– Helped to lighten red spots


– It smelled weird during the first few days of application. But I got used to it. 🙂

Did you see any difference? Honestly, I underestimated oils because they are a bit thick compared to serums and essences. I wasn’t expecting to see huge improvements on my red spots. I was shocked when I compared the photos. It did make a difference! It must be the antioxidant properties.

Am I satisfied with this? Yes! It did an amazing job to lighten the spots that I have. It took less than a month to see improvements on the skin. I learned that facial oils do not just give hydration but it helps with the overall health of skin. A big thank you to Nature Essentials for sending this product.

Check out Nature Essentials here:
Facebook: click here
Instagram: @natureessentials

5 thoughts on “Review: Nature Essentials Pure Maracuja Oil

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  2. jollyjosephine

    And i was like.. Woah! Im seeing a lot of this oil in instagram online sellers usually the ones selling all natural prods, i really thought it was just all the hype but wow it does really work! So does this mean youre switching to all natural products?

    Skin update: im breaking out bad esp on my chin and jaw area since i stopped taking zinc! Im only using cetaphil as my cleanser but it seems not doing anything on my acne 😥 im starting to get anxious with how i look and the only one keeping me sane is my loving bf.. Im going to the derma as soon as a finished the whole bottle.. Also im eyeing on the pimple set of milea all organics bec the set only costs 500+ php.

    Happy birthday again! 🙂

    1. I’ve been using natural products. It’s just that I mix and match because not all of the natural ingredients work for me. I also use other products with or without alcohol and other irritants. My skin is weird sometimes it doesnt care about the harmful ingredients and works well on me.

      Me too, I stopped taking zinc tablets because of budget. I noticed that whenever I stop, I get cystic acnes especially before my monthly period.

      Im also interested to try those natural acne products on instagram. 🙂

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