10 things I did to survive in college

Image from: https://luckyenoughtobe.files.wordpress.com/2012/05/img_7481.jpg
Image from: https://luckyenoughtobe.files.wordpress.com/2012/05/img_7481.jpg

College, the survival of the fittest. Sabi nga nila, matira matibay. My formula= 40% prayers, 40% hard work and 20% rewarding myself.

1. Know yourself
You should know yourself. You have to be clear about what you want in life and the career you’d like to have. You should also know your attitude towards everything like socializing and study habits.

2. Dont know what course to take? Take a break to save your parents’ money and think about it.
I had no idea what I wanted during my first year. I did not take it seriously plus I got sick. It came to a point that I dropped out in some subjects which leads to wasting money. I took a break for one semester. I searched different courses and see if something matches my interests/hobbies. I remembered my professor said “if you dont know what you want in life and you know you’re just going to fail subjects, take a break from school so your parents’ money wont be wasted. Your parents work really hard so please think about them too, not just yourself”

3. Dont like the school? Transfer to another one.
My chest felt heavy everytime I go to my first university. It just didnt feel right for me. And I didnt like a professor because he made fun of my sickness and humiliated me in front of the class. I transferred to another university which is also near at my former uni. I didnt have any heavy feelings. It felt right. I’m glad I transferred to another school.

4. Study hard and reward yourself
You have to study but dont be too hard on yourself. Give yourself rewards like sleep the whole day on weekends, have a massage or just go to the mall. It’s more motivating for me instead of just studying and studying. It’s like Im torturing myself if I do that.

5. Choose your groupmates wisely
You and your friends know your study habits and qualities. You dont have to be group mates all the time. If you and your friends know all of you are lazy then it’s better to split in other groups. It will push you to help the group, not to be a freeloader and will save you from failing that subject.

6. Use your time wisely
Let’s face it, the first and second year college is full of parties. Okay, you can party all you want but make sure you’ll not fail any subjects. Third and fourth year are the most critical stages in college. Be sure to have time frame especially when working on thesis. I stopped drinking too. As I grow older, I’d rather sleep all day on weekends after lots of hell weeks. I need more rest instead of getting hangover after having fun and yolo-ing.

7. Know when is the right time for you to study
Some people prefer to sleep late and study at night and some prefer mornings. Some like to study for days and some a day/night before an exam. I study in the morning like 4 am to 8 am. I sleep and wake up early. It feels like my brain is refreshed and not that tired. It’s effective for me to retain every information that I need. I study the day before and even the same day of the exam. I’m productive when I’m procrastinating.

8. Not good at math/any subject? Avoid absences
Im not good at Math. Taxation was the only math related subject that I understood. The rest, nevermind. Haha. I was always present in my math classes. The professors appreciate that kind of effort to learn. They passed me because of my attendance and efforts even if I failed the quizzes and exams. Make bawi on seat works and assignments. It works!

9. Learn to be independent
Peer pressure, avoid it. Base your decisions on yourself, not just because everyone agreed to do it.

10. Pray
Prayer helps me all the time. This is the most effective. It makes me strong especially when we present our topics to our professors. But you can just depend on prayers alone, you have to work hard and help yourself. I feel great whenever I overcome my doubts and fears through prayers and hard work. ๐Ÿ˜Š


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