Chris Brown Live in Manila 2015

We went to Chris Brown’s concert last night, July 21. It’s his second time to visit Manila. His last show here was in 2008. The show started at 9 pm and lasted for about 2 hours. EA, Jay R, Q-York and Philippine All Stars performed before the concert started. They were great btw. πŸ‘πŸ»


There were a lot of dancing and freestyling. He did some beatboxing too during New Flame. I observed his smile while they were freestyling. He obviously loves what he’s doing. We enjoyed that a lot! πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜πŸ‘― I cant deny he’s very talented. He can sing, rap, dance and write songs. There were still some available seats but that didnt stop Chris Brown to perform at his best. It did not stop us either to scream are lungs out. ❀️😊

Here’s the complete set list from Phil. Concerts:
X, Came To Do, Love More, Talk, Wall to Wall, Run It, Deuces, Strip, Poppin, Look at Me Now, Lil Bit, She Aint You, Wet The Bed, 2012, No BS, Don’t Judge Me, With You, Take You Down, Turn Up The Music, Forever, Yeah 3x, Fun, 5 More Hours, Take It To The Head, Only, How Many Times, Show Me, Main Chick, Liquor, Drunk Texting, New Flame, Ayo and Loyal


It was our first time to see him live. We enjoyed every minute of it. He only had one break and it only took few minutes. He’s a total performer. ❀️ I hope he’ll come back for his next tour. ❀️

He has a lot of fans. I hope the general admission section will be available next time. The producers should announce that he’s coming 2 or 3 months before the concert just like what others are doing so the fans have more time to save up. 😊


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