Review + Before & After: Nature Essentials Underarm Set


Do you have underarm problems? No need to worry! Organic products are here to solve them.❤️ I was lucky enough to receive these products from Nature Essentials. I have dark marks on the underarms for as long as I can remember. Im glad I received this set. It took a long time before I made a review. I wanted to give my honest opinion about these. I also want to show before & after photos as much as possible.

Nature Dream Soap
This is a 100g soap and it’s huge. It’s too big for my hand so I suggest you cut it in half. I think it’s easier to hold that way. It lathers quickly and pretty well. The scent is fruity and orange-y which is not too strong. It’s easy to rinse and doesnt leave film on the skin. I leave it on my whole body for 5 minutes. It instantly gives my skin glowing effect right after stepping out of the shower. My skin is fairer after using this soap for a month. It also dried up the acne on my back. Yay for that! 🙂 ❤️

Nature Glow Serum
This serum comes in a 20ml size. It’s in a sturdy glass bottle with a dropper. I use this first before applying the whitening cream. A little goes a long way. A pea size amount is all you need for both underarms. I dont think it has fragrance. That’s a plus because fragrance can cause irritation. The texture is very watery and quickly absorbed by the skin. It’s not sticky and doesnt leave a film.

Body Confidence Skin Renewal Cream
Honestly, I dont believe in underarm creams before but this one changed my mind. I apply this at night and sometimes twice a day. This one made my underarm soft and smooth. My skin is still smooth even if Im not using this cream. It provides permanent results just like Nature Dream Soap.

Body Confidence Deodorant Spray
This is my most favorite product in this set. I’m using this daily and it already replaced my drugstore deodorant. It’s great for my normal activities from home to commuting and going to the mall. It can control my sweat during those activities. It’s watery and feels light on the skin. It’s dries up quickly. There’s no need to wait for a few minutes unlike those lotion/cream type deodorants. Im very sweaty. Im glad this has good sweat control. The best part is it’s paraben free unlike drugstore deodorants which are full of chemicals. The only down side; sometimes the spray doesn’t work. I think it’s just me because I lay all my skincare products on my bed. It works fine if you let the container stand.

RESULTS: after using the products above

Overall, Im satisfied with Nature Essentials Underarm Set. I did not experience any redness and stinging while using the set. My underarm problems are being solved step by step using these products. No need for chemical based and invasive treatments. It works slowly but surely as seen on the before and after photos.❤️ I recommend this set to anyone especially if you have very thin and sensitive skin like me.😍 I still have a lot of products left and I’ll continue to use them. I’ll be able to wear sleeveless clothes again soon. 😊

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12 thoughts on “Review + Before & After: Nature Essentials Underarm Set

  1. Ingredients list please. hehe. I’m also using underarm whitening but from a different brand.All natural as well. Based on my experience waxing is the best way to avoid darkening of underarm. We have similar underarm condition.hehe.

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