Review: Bath Origins Oatmeal Honey Soap

I haven’t reviewed enough local brands here on my blog. So today’s review is from a Filipino brand, Bath Origins. They offer products like soaps, body scrubs, diffusers and insect repellent. I saw Andi Manzano’s photo of their tea tree soap. She said it’s her mother’s business. The simple packaging caught my attention.


I went to Megamall and decided to get Oatmeal & Honey. I only found one review on this. The blogger used it on her face. She said it prevented her breakouts. I used it on my face once. It gave a very squeaky feel that was a bit drying. Now, Im using this soap as body exfoliator. 😊

Description and Ingredients

– Affordable, 90 pesos ($2) for 125 grams
– Lathers up quickly
– Smells like a spa/aromatherapy, sometimes it reminds me of Perla 😱
– Can be used as a room fragrance especially if you buy a jar of their soaps
– Doesn’t melt easily
– Not harsh on the skin
– Good for exfoliating, loving the oatmeal bits ❤️
– Skin feels soft and smooth

– Can be drying on first use

At first, it was also drying for the body but my skin became soft and smooth after. That surprised me. I planned to get a liquid-y scrub. I’ll keep on using this soap instead. I want to try more of their products… Especially the diffuser. They have gift sets too, perfect for this season. Organic & natural soaps are the trend these days for pinays. Give this brand a try. You can buy online or at their kiosks in malls.😊


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