Foods/Drinks That Cause & Reduce My Breakouts


This is the continuation of my skincare routine. Everything listed in this post works best for me and all based on my experience. Im not saying that this will work for everyone. Some people are okay with sweets, salty food and dairy products.

Foods/Drinks that CAUSE my breakouts

  • Skipping breakfast and meals
    Skipping meals especially breakfast will cause hormonal imbalance.
  • Sweets & salty food 
    I gave up sweets already. All candies, cupcakes, chocolates and etc. Aside from home-cooked salty foods, this includes fast food and processed food.
  • Dairy Products (cheese, milk and etc)
    I ate pizza whenever I want to. But as soon as I avoided it, I saw improvements on my skin. I’ll get a cystic acne once I eat a slice of pizza & other dairy products.
  • Eggs
    Eggs can cause blemishes for me. Egg is good for us but just to be sure, I don’t exceed one egg per day. We usually eat it for breakfast. Remember it’s not a tapsilog anymore without the egg.😉
  • Soft-drinks/sodas, artificial juices & sugary drinks
    Have you seen all the soft drinks experiments on social media? Have you seen the amount of black sugar in it? Black sugar is the sweetest kind of sugar. Artificial juices have high sugar content too. Still included as sweets for me. Milk tea is a no-no for me. I’m glad I gave them all up. I’m always about to throw up whenever I see a bottle of those sugary drinks.
  • Alcoholic drinks
    Alcohol will dehydrate the body. I breakout as a result of drinking it. I got a lot of whiteheads before especially on the chin area. I havent drank a single shot of alcohol for almost a year now and I rarely get breakouts on the chin area.

Foods/Drinks that REDUCE my breakouts

  • Vegetables and fruits everyday
    This literally reduced my breakouts. I eat vegetables everyday. I saw a huge difference. Plus they are very affordable. Win-win. 🙂
  • Water
    This one is also a main reason why I get less breakouts. Water also helps the body to flush out toxins. Your body needs to stay hydrated. I don’t know about you guys but I breakout when Im dehydrated. I make sure Im drinking enough. Not to the point I’m drowning myself. I drink big glasses for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The rest of the day & before going to sleep, drink in small glasses every hour so you’re not forcing your body.
  • Fresh fruit & vegetable juices
    Im talking about freshly squeezed juices. Not the pre-made juices that you can find in convenience stores. Those drinks contain a lot of sugar.

I’m taking a supplement once a day aside from these things. Again, Im realistic about acne. Yes, I still get blemishes but not as much as before. That makes me happy. I do not take accutane/isotretinoin or birth control pills.

Healthy foods especially vegetables will help the biggest & most important part, targeting the inside. Do not rely on skincare products alone. Yes, products will help you but for a small part only (outside skin).


13 thoughts on “Foods/Drinks That Cause & Reduce My Breakouts

  1. Nice post! I noticed that too na whenever I eat or drink something with milk, atun may breakout ano.
    Kaya I switched to almond milk and soya milk.

    Maybe I should to the same and make a list of what makes me breakout 🙂

    • Nakalimutan ko pa ilagay seafoods.😅 Di ko sure kung allergic lang talaga ako doon o isa sya sa cause. Please do.😊✨ I want to know kung ano reasons ng breakout ng iba. Para kasing may kulang pa dito sa list ko. Kailangan ko pang i-observe mga kinakain ko. 😅

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