Skin Care Shopping Tips

Skin care is important, same as your diet. I accumulated techniques when it comes to shopping for products. I usually stay in a store for 5 minutes or less. How? This is what I do. I plan in advance. Yes, even if you already have a good routine. Our skin gets used to them after a few months & wont be effective anymore. It’s better to be ready instead of panicking and stressing out when it happens.

Today Im going to share some tips. This is a contingency plan… Kind of like a thesis but for your skin. This is important especially for people with sensitive skin & teens who just started to create their own routines.


1. List down all the “potential” product
It’s best to list down products so you wont forget them. It’s easier to check them if you already made a list. Divide them into categories; makeup remover, cleanser, mask, toner, moisturizer (serum/essence/gel/lotion/cream).

2. Check price, descriptions and ingredients online
You can ask your local shop on social media to find out the price. If they dont reply, estimate it by converting to your currency or search reviews from your country. I always check the ingredients because I know what Im allergic to. That way I’ll find out if I should avoid a product or not. Descriptions are very important too. They’ll tell you the product’s brief functions & how to apply it. It’ll take a lot of time doing this in-store.

3. Read reviews
Reviews are very helpful. Check out blogs and brands’ websites. You’ll get an idea how a product feels on the skin. You’ll also find out if it worked for others especially for those who have the same skin type like yours.

4. List down the “approved” products
After checking all the information needed; price, descriptions, ingredients & reviews… It’s now time to select the products that are approved based on your judgement. Products that you think will make you happy. By doing this, you are selecting the best options for your future purchases. Again, divide them into categories. It’s either you put it on your phone’s notepad or write them on a paper. I personally prefer saving it on my phone.

5. DON’Tย go to a store when you’re clueless
This is the reason why you made a list. Skin care is an investment. You cant be clueless. You’ll be convinced easily to get SA’s recommendations when you don’t have a specific item on your mind. We studied consumer behavior before and I dont fall for that anymore. Some people end up buying a whole set/range which is unnecessary if you ask me. You’ll stick to your budget when you already have a target. Less impulse buys.

6. Check quality, manufacturing & expiration dates
Okay, you already know what to buy. Now, it’s time to inspect the quality… Making sure you got a brand new one that’s never been opened. Also, take note of the manufacturing & expiration dates. We always want a fresh batch. If you’re ordering from online sellers, ask them before anything else or ask them to take a photo of the date(s).

These steps look very simple. But steps 1-4 are time consuming. It takes time to sort and evaluate information and reviews. Trust me, it’ll become easy once you get used to them. I hope you find this helpful.


6 thoughts on “Skin Care Shopping Tips

  1. Since I live in the province, most of the time I plan and list skincare or makeup products I researched and want before going shopping but most of the time, I don’t follow it haha! XD

    • I used to do that but I’ve learned my lesson. Most of the time I breakout if I buy things that werent planned. I list products even if it’s just for splurging/hauling ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Wow thank you for these helpful tips! I always read reviews online before buying products. I agree that indeed our skin gets too used when you’re using the same products/doing the same routine again and again..

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