Gender-Neutral Gifts for Php1000 ($20) & Below

Im back with another gender-neutral gift ideas. Some of the products mentioned below can also be considered for a family.

Ferrero Rocher 30 pieces – approx. 564.50 pesos
There are luxury chocolates that you can get from shops. This is an option if you want to get a gift even when you’re in a supermarket. A safe choice because like I said, everyone loves chocolaaaaaaaaate! Did you get that? It’s a Spongebob reference. Price estimate from Pinoy Chocopile.

Bath Origins Reed Diffuser – 680 pesos
We deal with a lot of stress everyday. The nicest thing that we can do is to treat ourselves after a long day. Reed diffuser is great for that. The scent relaxes the body and it gives fragrance to your room or house. Available in Lavender, Bamboo, Powder Room, Mulberry, Woodstock, Crisp, Foliage and Citrus. I highly recommend the lavender sent.

The Body Shop Mixed Shower Gels Gift Set – 795 pesos
This box contains Satsuma, Mango, Strawberry, Moringa shower gel. Each bottle is 60g. A same brand that I mentioned in my other post. The Body Shop releases a lot of sets during this season. They also have good deals for gift sets such as Buy 2 get 1 free. 🙂

Mixed Shower Gels Gift Set

Zalora or Beauty MNL Gift Cards – 1000 pesos
If you still dont have an idea about what they want, give them gift cards. You wont get stressed on deciding! Zalora carries a lot of products for men and women. They have clothing, accessories, shoes, fragrance, skin care, body care and makeup. Beauty MNL offers makeup, skin/body care, fragrance and accessories for men and women. 😉 click here for Zalora ; click here for BeautyMNL



other gift ideas:

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