2016 New Year’s Resolution

Happy New Year!😊 First post for this year. What’s better than sharing your New Year’s Resolution? I must admit I do most of them consistently. Like 8 out of 10. This years it’s more on self improvement for me.

1. Detox, again
Christmas season is always the time for unhealthy food. I want to eat vegetable as much as possible. Aaaah but at our gatherings, there’s rarely a vegetable dish! I broke out with cystic acne again after a long time of having discipline. I dont want to be called “maarte” so I eat anyways. I have social anxiety and the only easy way for me to socialize is to eat with others. I’m getting back normal. Starting off with drinking a LOT of water and eating fruits.

2. Focus on myself
ClichΓ© but it’s true. I want to focus on myself and dont care too much about what others think of me. Focus on being happy, doing what I want. Focus on my health and diet; I started doing this few months ago and it already became a lifestyle.

3. Don’t let anyone abuse my kindness
I try to be nice all the time. Someone said it’s already a “selfless act”. I realized it’s very unhealthy especially if it’s abused. I now have limitations. I’ll speak up and do something when I think it’s already abused.

4. Learn to cook different cuisines
I just started to cook Filipino and Chinese food these past few months. I want to learn more about dishes from other Asian countries, Europe and British. And more vegetable dishes!

5. Step out of my comfort zone
I was afraid to cook and it’s already ticked off my bucket list. I became confident because of it. I want to do more things aside from the usual stuff I do. I’m hoping I’ll also gain confidence from them. And makeup! I dont know too much about it. My sister said I should go for it. Also, finding a job that’s related to my hobby.😊

6. Use HQ camera for blog photos + find a good lighting
I’m taking photos using my phone. I know, the quality sucks. My dad gave me high quality camera few years ago. I was too lazy to use it because I have to transfer it to the computer. I started using the camera again. And I think natural (daylight) lighting is the best. I usually take photos at night when I have time. Now I have to make time for morning or afternoon shoot.

7. Flat lays
We used the table that I was using before so I dont have any to use anymore. I think I just need to find a wallpaper and easy to carry table. I’ll just lay it where there’s good lighting outside when needed.

8. Take care of my hair & body as much as I do with my skin
I’ve never dyed my hair and I want to. My hair is naturally wavy and it looks messy. I have to work on coloring and straightening (rebonding). Plus do weekly hair mask using coconut oil. For the body, I want to use fragrant soaps and lotions made by local brands.

9. Socialize more
I’m dealing with “something” and I’ve cut off a lot of people. I’m hoping I could get back to spending time with my friends. I’ll slowly transition to it. I’m hoping I’ll find it easy again by the 2nd half of this year.

10. Save money
I always save money. I just want to do better. To help pay the bills, to spoil our dogs and for my dermatology treatments.

That’s it. Share yours below. I want to know what are you looking forward to do this year. I hope we’ll all have a wonderful year!😊

7 thoughts on “2016 New Year’s Resolution

  1. Happy new year! Yes mahirap talag kapag may gatherings to eat clean… specially when there is so much food everywhere!

    Kaya mo yan! Hahaha nakakatamad nga to take pics with a camera kasi dapat pa ilagay sa pc and edit! I am the same. I use my phone to post as well.

    • I’m back to drinking 2 liters of water.πŸ˜… Wag lang sobra sa cheat day. Ang dali talaga pag phone ang gamit sa pag post. Type type lang. Sana I can keep up with the camera.😊 Happy new year! Looking forward to more of your posts.❀️

      • Uy wow! Ok yun para malinis talaga ang katawan. Maybe add some lemon para maiba rin ng kunti! At mas detox ka pa πŸ˜€.

        Happy new year to you too! Hehe salamat! I’ll try and be more entertaining ☺

  2. Happy new year, Diana! I colored my hair for the first time last year and I really enjoy coloring my hair especially with Japanese (or Korean) brand dyes. For first timers, maybe you could ask someone like your sister to do it for you especially if you have long hair.
    This year I’m doing the exact opposite of socializing. Isolation. Last year was a terrible year for me and I lost most important people in my life. When I say most, pretty much everyone. Haha this is what I get for being friends with the wrong people. To distract myself, I decided to study again including Japanese. Learning (and studying) is quite fulfilling.
    Have a great year πŸ˜€ More blog post on treating acne! I’m having terrible breakouts due to… you know already D: haha!

    • Yes, I’ll ask for my sister’s help. And yes, more product reviews for acne treatment.😊 Thanks for sharing your resolutions.😊 I’ve cut my friends off for 5 years na but it’s like nothing happened when I bump into them. I hope you’ll have a great year and keep going! I know you’ll get through that “thing”. 😊

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