Review: The Face Shop Herb Day Cotton Perfect Cleansing Wipes with Tea Tree

Wow. That’s a mouthful!πŸ˜‚ I’ve used this all throughout the holidays. The duration was about a month and I’m ready to review it.😊

Cleansing water/oil is good but I’m so lazy. I still keep on reaching for cleansing tissues.πŸ˜…


A simple cleansing tissue effective in skin trouble care, cleanses impurities deep inside pores. A different type of tissue that has tea tree ingredients purifies polluted skin.

-50 sheets
-Hard plastic lid
-Didn’t sting
-Didn’t cause redness/irritations
-Didn’t cause breakouts

-Leaves film
-Tastes bitter as in super (when used on the lips)
-I don’t feel clean after
-Sheets are small
-Some tissues were a bit dry/not moist enough. I need 2 sheets to completely remove makeup

How it looks like:image
It’s a decent makeup remover but I dont like that it leaves film and sticky. I dont feel clean when a product does that especially if it’s a makeup remover.

The good thing is it did not irritate my skin. It didnt sting and didnt cause redness. It has hard plastic lid so you can reopen/close it without worries unlike those resealable sticker covers.

I do my skin care routine immediately after I use this. I recommend doing the same thing for any kind of makeup remover (micellar water, oil, lotion, tissue) whether it does or doesnt leave film.


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