Travel Bucketlist

I’m actually just a homebuddy especially on weekends. Boring, huh? I’ll sleep all day when I have a chance. You know that fixing my life and controlling my acne prone skin are my priorities right now. But I still want travel someday. Here’s a list of the top places/countries I want to visit in the future. Dont get me wrong. I want to travel everywhere but I’m very curious about these places.


I want to see the Northern Lights in real life. It must be beautiful, amazing and scary at the same time to witness that.

In 2011, we watched 3 Idiots in our Philosophy class. I enjoyed the music and culture I’ve seen from the movie. I became curious about Bollywood too. Anthony Bourdain’s food adventure also made me want to try Indian cuisine! I think the country’s very colorful and has rich culture. I became more interested now that Coldplay (my favorite band) & Beyonce have a collab, Hymn for the Weekend. The music video was taken in India.

I wont forget this of course! I think Myeongdong would be a heaven for me. I want to get in touch with the reason of my beauty/skincare addiction.

United Kingdom
I want to see some castles. That would be fun! It’s like a fairytale in real life. Also, I have to visit the world’s biggest Lush store. I’ll try to look for Wayne Goss too. Haha!β€οΈπŸ˜…

I want to attend the pope’s mass and visit the churches where the Apostles’ remains are kept. Aside from pastas, I have to try the authentic Italian cuisine.

I’ve heard stories about Israel from our lessons and books while I was studying . From Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Nazareth, Galilee, Dead Sea; I want to see them all in real life. Baptism in the Jordan River? Oh yes.

Some of my favorite youtubers are living in California. Most of them are in L.A. like Lily (Superwoman), ThatsHeart, Manny MUA, Yousef (FouseyTube) and Dtrix. It must be awesome to run into them while they’re vlogging. I want to have a small talk with them… And of course a photo with them.😊

I like to join the Urban Dance Camp. Search it on Youtube. I must say, it’s really the most intensive dance class I’ve watched. Lots of choreographers are teaching in their classes. To name some; Parris Goebel, Koharu Sugawara, Ian Eastwood, Brian Puspos, Keone and Mariel Madrid.

My list is long but I didnt include everything to make this post short. That’s it. If you’ve been here or living in these places, please feel free to recommend activites, foods and tips on how can we save up πŸ™‚ How about you, where do you want to go? Leave a comment below. πŸ™‚


8 thoughts on “Travel Bucketlist

  1. You should add Belgium kung gusti mo makakain ng bestest chocolate and pralines in the world! At syempre matikman mo rin at fries!!!!

    Hehehe Myeongdong is heaven nga… but hell for your finance ☺

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