Skin Care Products for Sweat Acne

Aside from hormonal reasons, sweating breaks me out. Yes, lahat na lang ata. I noticed that when I was still attending zumba classes. Maybe it’s a sign of detoxing.

Aside from diet and healthy food, here’s a post-workout routine. Some products that can help to cleanse oily skin.

THE BODY SHOP Tea Tree Cool & Creamy
Choose a non-drying face wash as the moisturizer is alcohol-based. Try The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Cool & Creamy Wash. This product doesn’t make skin tight and dry. They anti-acne ingredients like tea tree and salicylic acid.


CELETEQUE Hydration Alcohol Free Toner
This alone hydrates my skin like a serum. My skin feels like it doesnt need a moisturizer after using this. It has witch hazel, a well-known anti acne ingredient. Toners are meant to cleanse and give hydration to the skin. Always look for these qualities when buying. You CANNOT choose one. You need both cleansing and hydrating.


This is alcohol-based derived from coconut. I used it after zumba classes. It can be used on the face or body. I used to apply it on my face and chest. It has thin gel consistency. I can feel that it cleanses the dirt caused by sweat. It’s cooling and refreshing. A great treat after a workout. You can use it too if you have bacne (back acne).


I know the limit for washing the face is twice a day. Depending on your activities, you can wash it up to three (3) times if you were very sweaty.

Example: I walked for 30 minutes to get home. I arrived at 12 noon and was so sweaty like it’s dripping. Yes, I’m too sweaty because I drink lots of water. I’ll do my skin care routine then adjust the time when I’m going to wash at night.

What’s your post-workout routine? Share them below.😊


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