Job Hunting in Manila: Experience, Thoughts & FOMO

I was advised to just accept any job but I want something that’s related to my course or at least my hobby/interest.

I finally got a job after 2 months. Welp, it should’ve been 3 weeks only if I didn’t decline 2 job offers. Yes I have FOMO, fear of missing out. I applied at different companies. So once a company in my dream list have an opening & invites me for initial interview, I would say, “it’s now or never”. Then decline the pending job offer. I know that’s WRONG. I would prioritize them and reschedule my other interviews. Please dont do that. I was wrong.

These are the things I learned from my job hunting:

1. You need a valid ID to get visitor’s pass
For interviews, you need to present a valid ID to get a visitor’s pass before you can go to the company’s office. You might want a Postal ID. It’s the quickest & takes 10-15 working days to deliver after your application date. You need to present Barangay Clearance (original copy) and birth certificate (photocopy). Cedula is needed in order to get Barangay Clearance. You can avail both on the same day.

2. Make the best resume & be yourself
I followed the trend of having a one-page resume. It was okay for some companies but it’s much better if you include all your skills (technical and non-technical) kahit mag 3-page resume ka pa. Include short explanations. Just be sure that you’re not lying and you really have a background/proficient in that skill because you’ll explain them during interviews.

3. Research about the company
You need to research about the company too. Interviewers like it when applicants know their company. It means you’re really interested to be in their organization. You’re not just there for the sake of getting a job.

4. Be realistic. Dont get upset if you dont get selected/hired because there’s something better for you.
I can see the look in people’s eyes when they dont meet the passing grade for entrance exams or they dont get hired. I’ve failed in life many times already. I dont get upset anymore. Parang wala lang. Be grateful when they call you back and it’s still okay if they dont. Just think that you’re meant for something else.

5. Interviews can take 15 minutes to 3 hours
There are companies that have high volume of applicants. You’ll have an initial interview then they’ll call/text you back for the schedule of final interview. I also had both initial and final interviews on the same day… from HR (11am) and back at 2pm for the hiring manager. I prefer that because it saves time. I had conference interviews too (2 interviewers at the same time).

6. Call the company first if they allow walk-in applicants
Some companies dont allow walk-in applicants. I usually have scheduled interviews. I emailed them first, the customer service said they allow walk-in applicants. So I tried to go to their office and turned out they dont allow that which was weird. Sabi nila pwede. Ayun, I just dropped off my resume with cover letter.

7. Same time and date of interviews? Ask them if you can reschedule it
This happened to me a lot. I had to choose the company which I will resched kasi there are chances that interviewers wont allow that. Ask both companies and decide where you will go.

8. Declining a job offer?
Let’s say you just got hired and another company calls you back for a job offer. It’s better to talk to them on the phone and explain to them that you’re already hired. Or explain to them that you’re still wanting a position that’s for your course. Dont forget to thank them for the opportunity & for giving their time.

9. Choose the job location WISELY
There are people who’ll go to Manila to look for a job. If it’s your dream and you think it’s worth it, then go ahead. But dont forget to be realistic and try to consider the costs of buying/renting a house plus the commuting and food expenses. It’s better if the office is near your house… unless the company relocated you. Tipid pa sa time at effort. Ako naman I want to work in the province but we don’t have a house there… Maybe in the future na lang. 🙂

I had so much fun from this experience. It’s something that we can learn from no matter what your age is. What are your experiences while looking for a job? Share them below.


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