Helpful Websites For Cosmetics & Skin Care Concerns

Hey guys. I’ve been browsing a lot lately so I thought I should share some of my favorite websites. I rely on these for decision making before buying any product or before proceeding to a dermatology treatment.


RealSelf has dicussions on dermatology, dentistry and cosmetic surgeries. Get answers from doctors. This website allows me to ask questions from real doctors for free. They answer back usually 3-5 days after your post has been approved. It’s best to include photos of your concern so the doctors have an idea how it looks like. Patients rate their doctors, review treatments and give out before and after photos. Doctors have their own photo results from the treatments they’ve performed too.


This website lets its users to analyze skin care and cosmetics using a generator. You can save it so others can see it too. Ingredients list determines if I will buy a product or not. If I dont find the list on  brands’ websites or blogger reviews, this is my savior. Here’s an example. Remember to input one (1) ingredient per line only.



I get reviews from this site especially on newly released korean skin care. Those that you cant find on blogs and shop reviews yet. I think the members there are more advanced and updated than anyone else. They have threads for each product. You can find discussions about the ingredients and mini reviews. It’s all in one.

For acne-prone skin products and treatments, I rely on members’ experiences. There are other helpful information like comedogenic and non comedogenic ingredients. Members give thorough review on dermotological treatments too and they usually provide before and after photos and updates on post-treatment. They give out tips that are easy to remember. Example: things to do to soothe and heal blemishes. ZIIT: Zinc, Ibuprofen, Ice, Treat. Visit the website for full explanations on this tip.

I hope this post made sense and I hope someone will find it informative. What’s your favorite website for cosmetics? :)😊


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