First Impression: SKQIN Dual Sissi Mask – Gold & Silver Sissi

These were included in Wishtrend’s package. My first impression is they all look weird. They’re not like your regular sheet masks. Which is way better in my opinion.

There are 2 variants, Gold sissi for anti-aging and moisturizing while Silver Sissi is for anti-aging and brightening.


Gold Sissi: The product which has the instant improvement for wrinkles with filling moisturizing that has lifting effect.

Silver Sissi: The instant improvement for wrinkles with filling moisturizing, the instant whitening with using BIO BRIT 3 Complex through the long study.

-Affordable, a set of 5 sheets is priced at $17. It’s discounted now on Wishtrend’s website for $15.75
-Sheets are thick and wont rip apart
-Light lemon scent
-The ear part does help to match any face shape
-Good amount of essence to make the sheet moist
-This mask covers my entire chubby face including the jaw area. Normal sheet masks neglect that area.
-Doesnt slide off and I can move freely
-Moisturizing and calming

-None so far

Here’s my selfie. I put it on then watched tv while eating ice cream cake. Haha.


It’s my first time to try a mask that covers the jaws too. I thought they’re just made to help you get that v-shape. These were also designed to fit any face shape. It does feel like that because all parts of my face absorbed the essence.

The silver variant has instant whitening after every use but it’s only temporary like other brands. Both variants are moisturizing but I prefer the gold one because I have dry patches right now.

Overall, these are good addition to any routine. No breakouts for me. They’re like customizable masks because they’ll fit with your face shape. It wont slide off so you can do whatever you want while it’s on your face. I’d totally recommend these.

Get them on


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