Annoying Things People Do To Someone With Acne

What’s good guys? Here’s a little rant for you all. People with acne go through a lot of things like being judged, losing confidence and even depression.

Recently, I’m into watching birth control and accutane experiences on Youtube. I heard their stories and the comments they get from people. Their videos inspired me to create this post.

All of us want to explain but we dont do that in real life. So I made all the explanations because we dont want to repeat everything like broken recorders.


Asking us: “What happened to your face?”
Okay we get it. You dont have to rub it in… and you dont have to ask that question in front of everybody.

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Giving advice like “You just have to wash it with soap and water”
Said by a person who never had acne. Uhhhhm. Sure, we havent done that before. *sarcasm*. Those steps aren’t enough. There are different ways that trigger acne. I know you’re concerned but why would you give that kind of advice if you’ve never experienced it?

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Some people think we’re dirty because of acne.
Well, we keep our skin clean although it isnt obvious. We have multiple skin care steps: double cleansing, steaming, mask, toner, moisturizer and spot treatment. We have sensitive skin and it needs extra care. Plus our diet and discipline are on point too.

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Blaming makeup, “oh that’s because you wear makeup”
We probably wouldnt bother to cover it up if our society isn’t cruel. For some, makeup can cause breakouts unless you thoroughly remove them & if you know the ingredients to avoid. But acne is hormonal in most cases. It’s treated inside the body. Birth control pills & isotretinoin/accutane are the last options for severe acne.

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Touching your face and Not looking in our eyes while we’re talking
Oh we know acne can be distracting sometimes but can you please look straight in our eyes while we talk and stop touching your face? Checking if you got one, huh? It’s not contagious. You wont get it simply just by talking to us.

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I’m also experiencing all the things listed above. If you’re in the same situation, please remember that we’ll get through this.

So share this post the next time someone says these things to you. Let’s enlighten them.๐Ÿ˜‚

I hope others will read this too even if they’re not in our situation. Words can hurt and can affect a person’s life whether it’s acne related or not. We can’t deny it.


9 thoughts on “Annoying Things People Do To Someone With Acne

  1. Tama ka dyan! I lost a lot of confidence as well when I broke out really bad … and I was looking for a job back then … nakakasira talaga ng confidence.

    Pero you eventually see the light โ˜บ so dapat lang may tsaga and you’ll eventually see changes!

    • I was worried too when I had job interviews! Good thing HR peeps are trained to look in the eyes when they’re talking to us. โ˜บ๐Ÿ‘ did you find out what was the cause of your breakout back then?

  2. YESSSSSSS. This. When I had a major depression acne breakout last year, I hid myself and rarely went out by my mom and my sister still blamed on my makeup I didn’t wore for months and my acne still got worse… grrr…

    When I hit puberty, I ALWAYS had one giganto pimple on the most noticeable places on my face (center of nose, forehead and chin) and my classmates where disgusted with me because they said for a girl I have hygiene issues. They even gave me a LONG nickname called “yuck ang baho” as if I didn’t realize they were talking about me. I always envied their pretty and flawless faces but at that time, I didn’t know they wore makeup.

    • They were so rude!๐Ÿ˜ค So how are they now? Karamihan sasabihin maghilamos lang tapos yun na. Kainis diba? Dati tahimik lang ako pag ganun pero ngayon I try to explain kahit konti lang na hindi lang yon ang nagttrigger ng breakouts. Hindi talaga maiintindihan ng iba hanggat di nila naeexperience.

      • I met one of my childhood mean girl bullies just few days ago. Talked to her but I don’t think she even recognized me >_< lol.
        I'm happy my skin is getting so much better now (blog post soon!). I spent a lot only to figure out that generic derma skincare can save my skin. My derma was even surprised with the progress :3

  3. I am usually quite unwilling to go out shopping if I am having a bad breakout. Coz when I enter a pharmacy or drugstore, the sale ladies will come hawking and asking me to buy their products. They will look at u with sympathy and start to push products that we acne sufferers would not want to try given the state we are in. I have since changed my diet (cut out sugars big time) for and least a year now, switched to oils with higher linoleic acid and was able to contain the outbreaks much better. No more painful dermatologists but just regular visits to beautician to clear my pores.

    • Same! I prefer shopping online than going to physical stores. Sometimes SAs are all over my face and it’s uncomfortable. For me, dairy proructs are one of the main causes of breakouts. I improved my diet too and made a huge improvement. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. People can be so oblivious sometimes! I have a friend who has cystic acne and she’s one of the most gorgeous girls I know! I love her and always compliment her on how gorgeous she is!

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