K-Skin Care Wish List

I’m still into korean skin care although I’m not updated anymore. I want to follow the trends today but my mind says no. I pay so much attention to ingredients. So I dont buy a new product if it has something that I do not like.

I came up with another list. I think the products mentioned here have met my standards. I want to try them when my skin’s already used to my current routine.

Mamonde Pore Clean Toner

images-1Toners work the same but you can tell the difference in ingredients list. Pore Clean Toner has only 2 risky ingredients compared to Mamonde’s famous Rose Water and other brands in the market. click here for CosDNA analysis

Tony Moly Intense Repair Live Snail AmpouleimagesI’m eyeing on this since I got into k-beauty. Tony Moly’s Intense Repair Snail Essence and Cream healed my acne before. I have high hopes for this ampoule since it has the highest concentration (92%) from the line. I asked a filipina blogger and she said it made her skin a little oily…. I’ll just try this when I’m older. That’s the time our skin is less oily. I saw its CosDNA analysis and I’m still skeptical to try it.

Skin1004 Centella Asiatica

tTv-SRjduKWpEiHFiawWhlg9kXLSutfyMVVRhbo9gZwzv6g-78lAEGEM2nu7Wu7zng94tGly08ojLN_ZHhF9MgtL3hKxvyN1DPt5SkmbYy67=w300-h300-ncCentella Asiatica is the only ingredient in this ampoule. It’s around $24 for 100ml. It’s huge and will last for months! I’ve read reviews on this and most bloggers say it didnt do anything. Centella Asiatica is mild and natural anti-inflammatory. It think it’s a great choice for a minimalist routine.

Skin79 Snail Nutrition Ampoule
downloadfileThis has more natural ingredients and less oils compared to Tony Moly’s ampoule. I think it’ll be quite sticky because of that. Its concentration is 93%. I also have high expectations for this in brightening, repairing and anti-aging. I’ll use this too when I’m less oily. CosDNA analysis

Tony Moly The Chok Chok Green Tea Essenceimages-3This is from TM’s latest line. The name made me smile. Haha. What’s chok chok btw? Hehe. I think it’s safe to use since there’s no irritant. That’s surprising. Thanks to a kind person for sharing it. CosDNA analysis

Skin79 Golden Snail Intensive Essence

images-2This has 66% concentration. It looks like it has few ingredients. Their website is in korean and I tried to Google translate it. I think it isnt accurate. I still have to wait for their email about the english translation.

These have less irritants compared to other moisturizers. I hope this will help you out too. Click on the analysis to check them.

I still havent found cleansers and masks that could beat the products in my routine. I need recommendations. Haha.

What do you want to try from k-beauty world?


7 thoughts on “K-Skin Care Wish List

  1. I’m not into Korean makeup but I LOVE Korean skincare. It doesn’t feel like chore. It’s fun and refreshing yet it’s LEGIT. It works most of the time especially in making skin glowy. For super dry skin or when cold and dry season here in Philippines, Japanese skincare is awesome. Therefore, I go Korean skincare when it’s summer then Japanese skincare when it’s cold season. Aside from that, their techniques in applying skincare also helps A LOT. Like for example, using a mesh to foam up the cleanser then applying the dense foam. Face slapping works very well on my skin too especially when applying skin lotion or serum. Gosh, my skin never been this soft like baby’s butt.

      • SANA Nameraka 🙂 My derma didn’t prescribe or recommend me any moisturizer. Her treatments are all drying so I need to layer something hydrating. I bought the face cream I use as sleeping pack since it’s really thick. Then they gave me tester samples of the cleanser and toner that I’m loving so much. This brand isn’t being talked about a lot I fear it might be phased-out. I must stock up D: I also use Biore sunscreen. So far it’s the best sunscreen.

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