Roast Yourself Challenge

PhotoGrid_1466163869786-1-1If you’re a Youtube fan, you probably know this already. Roast Yourself Challenge was made by Nigahiga. He noticed there’s so much negativity in the community. He decided to roast himself instead of saying bad things about others. He nominated D-trix, Superwoman, Jenna Marbles, Timothy DeLaGhetto, PewdiePie and Jeremy Lin to do it.

Basically, you have to rap or at least say some negative things about yourself. It’s either you gather the hate comments on your channel or what you really think about yourself.

It’s refreshing to watch them. I think the people who’ll do it are those who are realistic, confident enough and can take criticisms. I noticed that when a person says a negative thing about a youtuber, the youtuber will have a comeback by making a video where he/she bashes that person too.

I know there’s so much hate and arguments in the beauty community of Youtube compared to other contents. It’s full of drama. We all know that. Seriously, I want to see any beauty guru to do this challenge.

I think it’s such a creative challenge. Ryan never fails to impress me with all his ideas and intelligence.

Here are some of my favorite roasts:
Click the link to go to their video

Nigahiga: click here
D-Trix:  click here
Superwoman: click here
Timothy DeLaGhetto: click here
Alex Wassabi: click here

Which youtuber would you like to see doing this challenge?


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