I now know what made my pores look bigger

Naturally, people with oily skin have big pores. There are certain products that can make them more noticeable. I found the culprit in my case. It’s my moisturizer! I dont want to say the specific product… but I’ll tell what’s in it.

If you’re starting with skin care and we have the same skin type, you’ll probably buy “oil-control” products, right? I thought the same thing but boy I was wrong. I tried to cut down my routine. I removed the moisturizer and suddenly my pores improved.

The moisturizer had tea tree, salicylic acid and lactic acid which is really good for minimizing breakouts. It’s a hydrating lotion type. Doesnt even feel like it’s bothering my skin. Probably it’s a mix of masking and moisturizing ingredients and strong ones. I guess my skin got confused.

Products can make you oilier especially if they have so much anti-acne ingredients like salicylic acid, tea tree oil and etc. Yes they prevent and treat acne but they can be drying which results to bigger pores.

That’s why my dermatologists didnt prescribe oil control products for my t-zone. I’m still using aquaphor for the areas affected by dermatitis; cheeks, forehead, nose area and chin. So for now after toner, I dont apply anything on my mid-cheek area. But I’m still planning to use a moisturizer that’s mild like pure centella asiatica. Something that wouldn’t affect skin’s oil balance. Just to avoid any dryness and early signs of wrinkles.

Remember, dont go crazy on oil control. Balance is the key. If you’re using a cleanser that’s drying but your skin likes it, follow it up with products that will really.. actually help to balance the ph level, not masking.☺


8 thoughts on “I now know what made my pores look bigger

  1. Good thing I stopped using anti-acne type moisturizer. I limit all my anti-acne products until toner step. I started focusing on anti-ageing since I already hit mid20s. 😥

    • I’m 22 and I’m seeing fine wrinkles na. Stop na dapat tayo sa harsh chemicals.😱 Slowly switching to moisturizing products na. Eventually mag anti-aging na rin ako. For now yung eye cream muna.☺

    • I didnt want to since everyone’s skin reaction is different. But if you’d really like to know it’s Etude House’s AC Clinic Daily Gel Lotion, an anti-acne moisturizer. 🙂

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