Review + Photo: Beauty Fix Nose Pack

Review + Photo: Beauty Fix Nose Pack

Whitehead and blackhead are difficult to remove unless you get regular facials and if you know how to use comedone remover. I went to Watsons again (dakilang tambay sa Watsons) to buy packet-sized products. I heard some of them are effective including Beauty Fix’s Nose Pack. I got the Oil Control & Detoxify variant.

This was scheduled last week but it didnt do anything when I first tried it. It was a fail because I have a habit of squeezing my nose using my fingers. I needed another week to see if it works. It was so difficult to break my habit. Haha!πŸ˜… total testing period is two weeks.


Controls and detoxifies nose skin,removing dirty looking blackheads and whiteheads. Loaded with active ingredients that will soften and protect your nose skin

Sorry I did not take a photo. I left the sachet on my bed and it magically disappeared again.😱 I’ll update this part soon.πŸ‘

-Affordable, it’s below 30 pesos for 5g
-Accessible, available at Watsons stores
-Little goes a long way
-Easy to peel off
-No oily or sticky residue
-Gets those whiteheads

-Smells like alcohol. It fades once the pack is dry


There are still some left on my nose as expected. I understand since most of black and whiteheads are deep in our pores. There’s a right tool for that. Overall, I think it’s a good product considering its price. It can be used twice a week according to the instructions. You dont have to spend a lot to pamper and take care of your skin. Thank you drugstore brands! Hihi.😁