Review: Calmoseptine Ointment for Dermatitis

Hi readers. Sorry I’ve not been consistent on posting during weekends. My dermatitis flared up again for 2 weeks now and I can’t try as many products as I used to. I think it was triggered because I always eat lunch late at around 3pm or I’m just emotionally stressed. So we’ll discuss a dermatitis a.k.a. severe eczema relief for today’s review.

How did I find out about this product? I’m a member of a local makeup group on Facebook. They share everything that’s beauty related. Many liked Calmoseptine for acne and itch. I’m glad a sachet of it is only 38 pesos. That’s not even $1 if you convert it. I got mine at Watsons Pharmacy counter in SM Aura.


Directions & Ingredients:

-Affordable, 38 pesos per sachet
-Little goes a long way
-Has cooling effect because of the menthol
-Relieves and soothes itch
-Temporary relief for my dermatitis

-To me it smells like paste (glue) at first. It smells like menthol after a few seconds.
-I dont suggest using it under makeup

Now here’s what it looks like:

image-1It’s pink because of calamine

You guys know that calamine is one of my most favorite ingredients. My holy grail cleanser from Lush, Fresh Farmacy is made of calamine, sea salt, tea tree oil, lavender oil and chamomile. It’s really good for calming the skin. Some parents even use it as their kids’ body soap for psoriasis. The popular calamine lotion is used to soothe itch from chickenpox.

This is an affordable alternative for that. It soothes my itchy rashes from dermatitis. It also has cooling effect for added comfort. As for acne, I didn’t see that it’s effective for that. Also, I dont suggest using it under makeup. It’s an ointment so it’s thick. It can make your makeup look cakey. But overall, this is a great product for itch. It can be used for babies and adults. It’s another affordable relief for dermatitis just like Aquaphor.

Oh, I’ll be trying Aquaphor next time. Please leave a comment below if you know anyone or any store in the Philippines selling Aquaphor. I’m in need of that too.