My zit zappers: Eskinol Dermaclear-C Overnight Pimple Gel & PanOxyl Acnegel 10%

I’m using 2 zit zappers: Eskinol Dermaclear-C Overnight Pimple Gel & PanOxyl Acnegel 10%

I’ll share my thoughts first on Eskinol Dermaclear-C Overnight Pimple Gel. Here are the pros and cons;


  • very affordable. I think it’s less than 100 pesos
  • clear gel
  • doesn’t dry the skin
  • a little amount goes a long way
  • lasts for monthsss


  • It stings
  • Gives burning sensation
  • Doesn’t dry pimples overnight. It dries pimple after 2 to 7 days depending on how big it is.
  • Leaves super dark spot cause it burns

Next up is  PanOxyl Acnegel 10%


  • I can feel light stinging only unlike with Eskinol’s Pimple Gel
  • A little amount goes a long way
  • This is the only thing that cleared my breakouts on the forehead
  • If the pimple is small, it will be dried asap (not overnight)
  • The packaging is really convenient. All the gel will surely be used. 😉


  • Dries up pimple 2 to 5 days. If it’s big it will take longer.
  • It’s expensive. The 10 grams is 207 pesos at Mercury Drug Store
  • Leaves a dark patch where you applied it but it will come off in a few days.
  • Gives flaky skin around the pimple
  • Leaves super dark spot too

So here are my zit zappers. I’m happy with them though I wrote a lot of cons. There’s no such thing as overnight treatment unless you’ll undergo a special acne treatment when you visit a dermatologist.

If you’ve tried these products, what are your experiences while using them?

If no, what’s your zit zapper? Comment and share below. 🙂