Review: Skin1004 Madagascar Centella-Asiatica 100 Ampoule

I have been eyeing on this for years. I wanted to try products that are easily accessible but majority of them did not work for me. So I finally decided to get Skin1004’s Centella Asiatica Ampoule. This ingredient is known for calming the skin. I’m glad it’s available on Althea’s website. I had high hopes for this to work since it only has one ingredient.


Skin1004’s Madagascar Centella-Asiatica 100 Ampoule is one of those products you never knew you needed before trying it out. This gentle yet potent concentrate is made with Centella Asiatica extracts that contain 30% asiaticoside, 30% Asiatic acid, and 40% madecassic acid for bright, rejuvenated skin. This lightweight ampoule can be used in a couple of ways including being mixed with your favorite cream, saturated in cotton pads as a mask, or even mixed with water to create a mist that you can use throughout the day.


– Affordable, 880 pesos on Althea
– 100ml of product
– Feels like water
– No stickiness
– Doesn’t interfere with makeup
– Pure ingredient
– Lightweight
– Hydrating
– Oil control and didn’t make my skin oilier
– Didn’t cause acne breakout

– None

At this point, I don’t know if this triggered my contact dermatitis. I’m in the process of detoxing inside of the body. The rashes could be the side effect of detoxing.


I have combination skin now. The dry areas are weak because of dermatitis. Moisturizing the barrier is the best way to strengthen and avoid rashes. I want something that’s light and with less ingredients. It’s probably not the best idea to test a product when I’m also detoxing inside. I also applied this on my wrist (one of the skin’s most sensitive areas) and other parts of the body and didn’t experience itching, redness or sting. It doesn’t prevent breakouts and slow in healing existing blemishes. Well, probably because it’s natural and mild.

It’s very affordable. You’ll get 100ml of product which could last for months if used only  on the face. The texture is like water and isn’t sticky. It’s also hydrating without heavy or over moisturized feeling. It also doesn’t interfere with makeup application. In fact, it made my makeup intact. My skin is well hydrated while I was using this. It helped with oil control throughout the day but not in the morning after sleeping.

It only has one ingredient. It’s ideal for those who are looking for a simple moisturizer or if you’re just starting to build up your routine.