Simple Plan live in Manila!

Simple Plan live in Manila!

January 12, 2012 was an amazing day for me and my sister. \:D/

I have classes until 3pm but I skipped the last subject because I was so excited to go to Araneta. LOL. We went to Megamall first and ate a lot for energy. 😀

So here it goes…..

Kamikazee was the opening act. They performed Martyr Nyebera, Narda, Halik, Ambisyoso and Tsinelas. Jay was hilarious with his jokes, expressions and dance moves. I hope they would have their own concert too! 😀

And then Simple Plan came out. The crowd went wild! 😀

They performed Shut Up (first song and my favorite song), Can’t Keep My Hands Off You, Jump, When I’m Gone, Addicted, My Alien, You Suck At Love, Thank You, Your Love Is A Lie, Astronaut, Summer Paradise, Jet Lag, This Song Saved My Life, Welcome To My Life, I’d Do, Anything, Loser of the Year, I’m Just a Kid and Perfect (last song).

They also had Medley: Fuck You, Dynamite, Raise Your Glass. 😀

It was an amazing night for us. I hope they really enjoyed their stay here in Manila though Araneta was not full. 🙂

Here are their tweets, I favorited them. HAHAHAH. XD ♥ ♥ ♥

They said they’ll be back!