Review: Simple Micellar Cleansing Wipes

Today’s review is for the cleansing step. There’s a Landers store that just opened a few weeks ago near our area. So we stopped by and bought some items. Of course, I had to see the cosmetic brands in there. It’s just the same with S&R. There’s Cetaphil, Dove and Ponds. I bought Simple’s wipes. I heard a lot of good things about it.


Simple Micellar Cleansing Wipes combining gentle and effective cleansing in one convenient product. These face wipes are made with our clever cleansing bubbles called Micelles which are smart enough to gently lift make-up and impurities out, including waterproof mascara, and unclog pores while instantly hydrating skin with just one wipe. Made with skin-loving ingredients, multi-vitamins and triple purified water Simple Micellar Wipes leave your skin feeling fresh and hydrated, perfect when you’re on-the-go.

Aqua, Cetearyl Isononanoate, Benzoic Acid, Ceteareth-12, Ceteareth-20, Cetearyl Alcohol, Citric Acid, Dehydroacetic Acid, Disodium EDTA, Glycerin, Glyceryl Stearate, Panthenol, Pantolactone, Phenoxyethanol, Sodium Citrate, Tocopheryl Acetate


– Affordable, around 199 pesos at Landers for 25 sheets
– Available locally in Landers and department stores
– Oil-free
– Fragrance-free
– Effectively removes full coverage face makeup (foundation, concealer and powder)

– Stung a little
– Triggered my contact dermatitis
– Tissue is rough for sensitive skin
– Smells like soda cracker

As you can see from the cons, I’m kind of disappointed that it triggered my contact dermatitis. It removes full coverage makeup just like the other wipes I’ve tried. It smells like soda cracker, just like Etude House’sΒ Baking Powder Pore Cleansing Tissues (Oil Type). It leaves a film but goes away in seconds. Even if it goes away, it’s best to proceed with your facial wash. It stung a little and the tissue was rough for me which caused mild redness for a few minutes. I didn’t see anything special about it except that it’s free from fragrance, oil and color. This is ideal for someone who wants to avoid those and if you do not have hypersensitive skin.


Review: MUMUSO Cleansing Wipes

Mumuso and Miniso are already popular for pinay beauty junkies. At first I was confused. Thanks to a blogger who explained their difference. Miniso is a japanese brand while Mumuso is korean. These stores are like the drugstore Muji.

Mumuso has wide makeup and skin care range. You know what that means. I have to try them personally. I went to their store in Venice Grand Canal Mall. I’m surprised that most of the items are 99 pesos only. I bought this pink cleansing wipes and the aloe variant which my sister gave for my birthday.

– Accessible, Mumuso is still adding up stores in the metro
– Very affordable, 99 pesos ($2) for 2 packs.
– Has hard plastic lid
– Each pack has 30 sheets.
– Powdery scent
– Did not cause breakouts
– Thick sheets
– Completely removes my medium-coverage makeup

– The sheets might not be moist enough to remove heavy/full coverage makeup

It did not cause breakouts or contact dermatitis. Yay, answered prayers!πŸ˜› It has powdery scent, k-brands refer to it as cotton. Its hard plastic lid ensures that the tissues will stay moist. The tissue is thick enough to remove my medium coverage makeup. Here’s my makeup routine if you’re wondering: cream concealer ➑ powder foundation (applied with sponge) ➑ brow pencil ➑ lip tint/lipstick.

So if you’re a full face type of person (primer, foundation, powder, eyeshadow, setting spray and etc.), you might need two sheets to completely remove your makeup. That’ll be too much work in my opinion. But the price can’t be beaten. 99 pesos for 60 sheets? This is my new favorite. I recommend it for light to medium coverage makeup.

Review: L’OREAL Refreshing Micellar Water

Loreal just released their micellar water in the Philippines this month. It’s the Refreshing variant. I’m using it for almost 3 weeks now.


HIGH PERFORMANCE, HYPO-ALLERGENIC! Gentle even on sensitive skin type! Micellar Water is highly recommended for OILY skin type. See the magic for yourself with micelle ingredients originated from Europe which acts like magnet to remove all impurities.

Ingredients and CosDNA Analysis by mark791004:screenshot_2016-10-22-18-42-17-1

-Affordable, 225 pesos, got it on sale on BeautyMNL for 175 pesos
-250ml is huge and can last you for 2 to 4 months
-Few ingredients, oil and paraben free
-Did not trigger my dermatitis
-Did not cause breakouts
-No sting
-Feels refreshing
-Effectively removes makeup
-Non sticky and no film

-None in my opinion, but you have to use it all up because it expires in 6 months. It doesnt have paraben or other preservatives. Take note if you’re a hoarder and you like to try other makeup removers

Sometimes I like to skip the toning step because this removes all my makeup. That step only. I still use cleanser, moisturizer and spot treatment. Brands are marketing micellar water as “no need to wash” product. Remember that you still have to do your skin care routine even if it says no wash/rinse. Or maybe that’s just me. I’m paranoid of not cleansing my skin completely.

I minimize swiping cotton on my skin. I’m avoiding wrinkles. It has 8 ingredients only. A great addition to a minimalist skin care routine. I’m using it 5 times per week. 6 months are enough to use it all up. I recommend it to those with normal, combination to oily skin types.

You can get this in department stores and on πŸ™‚

What’s your ride or die makeup remover? πŸ™‚

Review: The Face Shop Herb Day Cotton Perfect Cleansing Wipes with Tea Tree

Wow. That’s a mouthful!πŸ˜‚ I’ve used this all throughout the holidays. The duration was about a month and I’m ready to review it.😊

Cleansing water/oil is good but I’m so lazy. I still keep on reaching for cleansing tissues.πŸ˜…


A simple cleansing tissue effective in skin trouble care, cleanses impurities deep inside pores. A different type of tissue that has tea tree ingredients purifies polluted skin.

-50 sheets
-Hard plastic lid
-Didn’t sting
-Didn’t cause redness/irritations
-Didn’t cause breakouts

-Leaves film
-Tastes bitter as in super (when used on the lips)
-I don’t feel clean after
-Sheets are small
-Some tissues were a bit dry/not moist enough. I need 2 sheets to completely remove makeup

How it looks like:image
It’s a decent makeup remover but I dont like that it leaves film and sticky. I dont feel clean when a product does that especially if it’s a makeup remover.

The good thing is it did not irritate my skin. It didnt sting and didnt cause redness. It has hard plastic lid so you can reopen/close it without worries unlike those resealable sticker covers.

I do my skin care routine immediately after I use this. I recommend doing the same thing for any kind of makeup remover (micellar water, oil, lotion, tissue) whether it does or doesnt leave film.

Review: Etude House Every Month Cleansing Tissue

Continuing with our Etude House theme this week. Im back with another skincare review. (eh, what’s new?πŸ˜‚) This time it’s about my current makeup remover. It’s packed with great ingredients that made me curious… Like garlic extract which is also found in my moisturizer, AC Clinic Daily Gel Lotion. So I ordered one with other products from Seoul when it was on sale.😊

Cleansing tissue of watery texture contains nutritional contents to remove dirt and makeup while keeping skin moisturized.
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Review: SKINLITE Make-Up Cleansing Tissues

Im back after taking a break from reviewing Korean products. Did you miss it? I did. It’s just that Im exploring products from US, UK and Philippine brands… For a change.

Today’s review is about my current makeup remover and it’s made in Korea. I ran out of my cleansing water and Im just too lazy to use another one. I switched back to cleansing tissues. Yes, I’m that lazy.

Contains Green Tea, Vitamin E, Aloe Vera. Thoroughly remove makeup in one step. Deep clean, unclog pores & moisturize skin. Leaves skin smooth and soft.
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Review: Victoria’s Secret Makeup Remover Wipes

Hello readers! Im sorry I’ve been inactive for a week. But Im back now with another review. I got this during our Subic trip. I didnt know there were a lot of branded stuff in Subic. It’s a place for vacation and shopping at the same time. πŸ‘―


I was searching on VS’ website and found out this is the old design. I got this on sale, from $9 to $2. Yes, the store’s prices are in USD but they convert everything in peso. I’ve used it while we were on vacation and observed if it will break me out.

Let’s start with the product description:
Refresh your look in seconds. Quilted wipes whisk away makeup and gently cleanses skin in one easy sweep.
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