Review: Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Facial Wash

This is my first “drugstore” cleanser for this year and first Indian brand as well. Meaning it’s something you could easily get almost anywhere. I bought a small tube in SM Department Store. It’s been three weeks already. I think I’m ready to share my experience with it.


Purifying Neem Face Wash is loaded with the natural goodness of neem, a time-tested natural ingredient revered for its antibacterial property, which keeps Pimples at bay! It is also enriched with Turmeric, an antiseptic agent that soothes skin, leaving it healthy, clean and radiant! Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Face Wash, is a soap-free herbal face wash that helps prevent pimples by removing impurities, unclogging pores, while being extremely gentle on skin as it is formulated with 100% herbal actives and is free from skin harming chemicals like Paraben, SLS/ SLES. Daily use of this face wash avoids deposition of pimple-causing bacteria, oil and dirt and prevents occurrence of pimples. This face wash is suitable for all skin types (normal, oily, combination, sensitive) & is best for acne-prone


– Affordable, 50 grams for 69 pesos at Watsons
– Simple tube packaging, no spills
– Love the fragrance
– SLS-free
– Milky lather
– Non drying
– Doesn’t leave film or sticky residue
– Did not cause breakouts
– Did not trigger contact dermatitis

– Didn’t do anything on existing breakouts


I brought this for our Hong Kong trip. The tube had no spills. It has milky and powdery scent which reminds me of Lactacyd. It doesn’t have a rich lather because it’s SLS-free… But it’s enough for cleansing in my opinion. It doesnt leave sticky or slimy film when rinsed. It’s very affordable and accessible. You can get this in supermarkets, drugstores and department stores.


Neem extract is new to me so I was quite nervous to try this facial wash. Thank goodness it did not cause purging unlike other cleansers. I first knew about Neem extract from Phina’s Little Factory Cure Soap…which I’m planning to buy soon. I think this cleanser did not heal my existing breakouts. That’s the only down side I could give. So I’d recommend this for sensitive skin, mild acne and for maintenance.

Have you tried this product? What’s your all time favorite cleanser?


Review: L’OREAL Refreshing Micellar Water

Loreal just released their micellar water in the Philippines this month. It’s the Refreshing variant. I’m using it for almost 3 weeks now.


HIGH PERFORMANCE, HYPO-ALLERGENIC! Gentle even on sensitive skin type! Micellar Water is highly recommended for OILY skin type. See the magic for yourself with micelle ingredients originated from Europe which acts like magnet to remove all impurities.

Ingredients and CosDNA Analysis by mark791004:screenshot_2016-10-22-18-42-17-1

-Affordable, 225 pesos, got it on sale on BeautyMNL for 175 pesos
-250ml is huge and can last you for 2 to 4 months
-Few ingredients, oil and paraben free
-Did not trigger my dermatitis
-Did not cause breakouts
-No sting
-Feels refreshing
-Effectively removes makeup
-Non sticky and no film

-None in my opinion, but you have to use it all up because it expires in 6 months. It doesnt have paraben or other preservatives. Take note if you’re a hoarder and you like to try other makeup removers

Sometimes I like to skip the toning step because this removes all my makeup. That step only. I still use cleanser, moisturizer and spot treatment. Brands are marketing micellar water as “no need to wash” product. Remember that you still have to do your skin care routine even if it says no wash/rinse. Or maybe that’s just me. I’m paranoid of not cleansing my skin completely.

I minimize swiping cotton on my skin. I’m avoiding wrinkles. It has 8 ingredients only. A great addition to a minimalist skin care routine. I’m using it 5 times per week. 6 months are enough to use it all up. I recommend it to those with normal, combination to oily skin types.

You can get this in department stores and on 🙂

What’s your ride or die makeup remover? 🙂

BeautyMNL Shopping Experience + Tips

Happy Sunday readers! As promised yesterday, I’ll share my shopping experience on BeautyMNL. I’m from Metro Manila and I included a timeline… So you have an idea about the process. I got shopping tips in this post too.


I placed an order last Tuesday, October 4, 2016. I got an email notification right after checking out. They have order tracking on the website as well. It was easy to check the status of my order. Next day delivery for Metro Manila and 3-5 days for other locations. Of course you have to look into the weather condition and make sure you or someone is at your home/delivery address to pick it up.


I got a text and another email the next morning (Oct. 5) at 8am. Reminding me that it was shipped and on its way already. Since it was raining hard that day, the delivery guy notified me to wait for a few minutes. He arrived at around 4:30pm.


My order came in a resealable bag with paper inside. I’m a hoarder of shopping bags. I’ll probably keep and reuse it. They sealed Loreal’s Micellar Water with tape. Making sure it wont spill while in transit.


I also ordered Detail Mineral Pressed Powder. I was quite nervous since pressed mineral is more delicate compared to other powders. I’m glad it doesnt have any damage. It was packed in thick bubble wrap. Everything was in perfect condition even the other products’ boxes. They’re not distorted and no crumples



  • Include the name of your authorized receiver when filling up your details if you can’t personally attend to it.
  • Check your account and email for updates on your parcel
  • Write reviews on their site to gain credits. You can use credits to purchase.
  • BeautyMNL has product releases and sale events. Sometimes they’re ahead of store branches. It’s best to subscribe to their newsletter to get the best deals! I receive newsletters at around 8am every day. Did you know the best selling Colourpop lippies are now available on their website? 😉

I’m very satisfied with my whole experience. They offer special freebies too. I got 2 freebies, one full size soap and a packet of shampoo. I wished there was an online store dedicated for cosmetic junkies like me, from drugstore to high-end brands. Finally there’s one that’s based in the Philippines. I dont have to worry about customs tax anymore.👍😀

I’d like to remind you guys that they have an ongoing giveaway. For those who like to take selfies, join their #selfieMNL contest for chance to win a Printster polaroid of your gorgeous face and a PHP200 BeautyMNL GC. Click here for the complete details.

BeautyMNL Haul: Skin Care, Makeup and Body Care

It’s been 2 months since I posted a haul. I’m back with another one. This time it’s from a local/Philippine-based beauty website. BeautyMNL carries hundreds of local and international brands from drugstore to high-end. They have korean brands as well. COSRX, Klairs, Innisfree, Tony Moly and YET to name a few. I got the opportunity to order from them.

My haul is a mix of products with high ratings, bestsellers and a new release:

Loreal Refreshing Micellar Water


 Micellar water became a huge hit last year and many brands are releasing their own version. Loreal just released one here. I received a newletter from them telling me this was on sale. I knew I had to get it. Can’t say no to discounts. This is my first skin care product from Loreal. It only has 8 ingredients. It’ll be a good makeup remover especially if you’re a minimalist like me. Full details here

Detail Mineral Pressed Powder

Detail MakeOver is a local/Philippine brand. Mineral Pressed Powder caught my attention because of its size. It’s 10 grams for 199 pesos ($4). It’s such a steal compared to other powders. They have matte liquid lipsticks and palettes as well. Full details here

Maybelline ColorSensational Matte in Clay Crush


Now this is THE trend for lipstick addicts. If you want brown shades for a drugstore price, go for Maybelline’s Creamy Matte Brown line. Yes, they are perfect! I know the bestselling colors are quite difficult to find in-stores. Good thing all shades; Nude Embrace, Daringly Nude, Clay Crush, Nude Nuance & Burgundy Blush are available on their website.

Sooper Beaute Pimple Away Day Cream

This pimple cream is one of the bestsellers. Sooper Beaute is a local brand. I found out about them on Instagram. I’m seeing many positive feedbacks after using their products. I’ve been stessed lately and it’s automatic for me to get breakouts. I’m using this cream since the day I got the package. I’m liking it so far. This will probably be the first one to be reviewed here on my blog. Full details here

Baroness Green Tea Mask

A new korean brand in PH. They have different face masks but I chose green tea. We all know green tea is good for calming and detoxing. It’s great for oily and acne prone skin. Full details here

Golden Cup Balm

This menthol balm received high ratings from reviewers. It has a relaxing and soothing scent. I got the 4g tin to test it first. We all know menthol balms are pinoys’ savior when we get sick. We use it if we have fever, colds, cough, muscle pains and etc. I’ll use this mainly for muscle pains and especially for my severe migraines. Full details here

Instantly Ageless Eyebag Remover

When this came out, it was all over social media. I watched some before and after videos to see its purpose.I was really amazed on how quick you’ll see its effect. I knew I had to see it for myself. It’s like instant botox without the needle. I ordered this because I have malar festoons also know as eye bags on the mid cheek. It’s a difficult condition to treat. I dont know how I got them, from lack of sleep or hereditary. I’ll share my own before and after photos in my full review. Full details here

Olay Skin Whitening Bar with Rose & Milk & Black Beauty Shampoo with Conditioner

I got these two as freebies. A good combination of sample and full sized items. Black Beauty comes in a 10ml-sachet while Olay Whitening Bar is 90g. Its size is enough on my short hair for at least two uses. You can use Olay Whitening bar for a long time.

So far I’m using two items in this haul. Can’t wait to use the rest! Which one would you like to try in this post? Share them below. My whole shopping experience will be posted tomorrow with bonus tips! 😉

By the way, if you like taking selfies (I know you do❤️), join their #selfieMNL contest! You’ll get a chance to win a Printster polaroid of your gorgeous face and a PHP200 BeautyMNL GC. Click here for the complete details.

Job Hunting in Manila: Experience, Thoughts & FOMO

I was advised to just accept any job but I want something that’s related to my course or at least my hobby/interest.

I finally got a job after 2 months. Welp, it should’ve been 3 weeks only if I didn’t decline 2 job offers. Yes I have FOMO, fear of missing out. I applied at different companies. So once a company in my dream list have an opening & invites me for initial interview, I would say, “it’s now or never”. Then decline the pending job offer. I know that’s WRONG. I would prioritize them and reschedule my other interviews. Please dont do that. I was wrong.

These are the things I learned from my job hunting:

1. You need a valid ID to get visitor’s pass
For interviews, you need to present a valid ID to get a visitor’s pass before you can go to the company’s office. You might want a Postal ID. It’s the quickest & takes 10-15 working days to deliver after your application date. You need to present Barangay Clearance (original copy) and birth certificate (photocopy). Cedula is needed in order to get Barangay Clearance. You can avail both on the same day.

2. Make the best resume & be yourself
I followed the trend of having a one-page resume. It was okay for some companies but it’s much better if you include all your skills (technical and non-technical) kahit mag 3-page resume ka pa. Include short explanations. Just be sure that you’re not lying and you really have a background/proficient in that skill because you’ll explain them during interviews.

3. Research about the company
You need to research about the company too. Interviewers like it when applicants know their company. It means you’re really interested to be in their organization. You’re not just there for the sake of getting a job.

4. Be realistic. Dont get upset if you dont get selected/hired because there’s something better for you.
I can see the look in people’s eyes when they dont meet the passing grade for entrance exams or they dont get hired. I’ve failed in life many times already. I dont get upset anymore. Parang wala lang. Be grateful when they call you back and it’s still okay if they dont. Just think that you’re meant for something else.

5. Interviews can take 15 minutes to 3 hours
There are companies that have high volume of applicants. You’ll have an initial interview then they’ll call/text you back for the schedule of final interview. I also had both initial and final interviews on the same day… from HR (11am) and back at 2pm for the hiring manager. I prefer that because it saves time. I had conference interviews too (2 interviewers at the same time).

6. Call the company first if they allow walk-in applicants
Some companies dont allow walk-in applicants. I usually have scheduled interviews. I emailed them first, the customer service said they allow walk-in applicants. So I tried to go to their office and turned out they dont allow that which was weird. Sabi nila pwede. Ayun, I just dropped off my resume with cover letter.

7. Same time and date of interviews? Ask them if you can reschedule it
This happened to me a lot. I had to choose the company which I will resched kasi there are chances that interviewers wont allow that. Ask both companies and decide where you will go.

8. Declining a job offer?
Let’s say you just got hired and another company calls you back for a job offer. It’s better to talk to them on the phone and explain to them that you’re already hired. Or explain to them that you’re still wanting a position that’s for your course. Dont forget to thank them for the opportunity & for giving their time.

9. Choose the job location WISELY
There are people who’ll go to Manila to look for a job. If it’s your dream and you think it’s worth it, then go ahead. But dont forget to be realistic and try to consider the costs of buying/renting a house plus the commuting and food expenses. It’s better if the office is near your house… unless the company relocated you. Tipid pa sa time at effort. Ako naman I want to work in the province but we don’t have a house there… Maybe in the future na lang. 🙂

I had so much fun from this experience. It’s something that we can learn from no matter what your age is. What are your experiences while looking for a job? Share them below.

My LUSH Cosmetics Wish List

I was browsing Lush’s website for a few days so I went to their store last tuesday. I thought I should make a wish list for this brand. I hope you’ll enjoy this and comment your opinion especially those who have already tried these goodies. 🙂


1. Cosmetic Warrior
It has lots of anti acne ingredients and no irritants. My mission when I went to their store was to buy this mask. Unfortunately Lush in our country doesnt have a lab/factory to make their fresh masks. 💔 I ended up buying my first love, Fresh Farmacy. It makes me a little sad that I live here. Now I want to work abroad. 😂 UK, EU, US, Canada, Japan, Singapore and Korea carry this mask. I’ll probably ask my aunt & brother to get this for me when they return from KR, SG & Japan this year and next year. It doesnt have any preservatives so it expires quickly. Aunt and bro, please buy this on the day before your flight to make sure it’s fresh. 😭✌🏻️

2. Mask of Magnaminty
They recommended this to me instead. I heard lots of positive feedbacks on this one too. I’m not familiar with its ingredients. I’ll get the 120-gram tub first to test if it will irritate my skin.

3. Eau Roma Water
I know there are lots of rose water toners out there. But this one from lush has few ingredients. I used to think toners are just for removing excess dirt. And later found out toners also prep the skin for moisture. Can be used as toner or mist.

4. Herbalism
Welp, this is one of the few cleansers in the market with few ingredients. It’s specifically for oily and blemish prone skin. It doesnt dry out the skin according to reviewers. That’s a plus for me because my cleansers are usually drying.

5. Tea Tree Water
This product focuses on tea tree. It can also be used as a toner or mist through out the day. It’s really affordable too. What’s holding me back in buying this is its greasy feel according to some reviewers. I have to take a look on its sample bottle when I return to their store and see if it’s really greasy.

There you have it. What’s on your wishlist? Share them below. 🙂

I’ve mentioned that I ended up buying Fresh Farmacy which is my first love. I already reviewed it few years ago. I think that was in 2011. I’ll do an updated review on it soon! 😉

Review + Swatch: Etude House Dear Darling Tint in 02

It’s another day to review something. It’s a lip makeup this time. I bought this last christmas when I was looking for a dark red lip product. I just grabbed this and went to the counter. 😂 I’ve reviewed the 01 shade before. This post is just an updated review. 🙂

Packaging: They changed the packaging to a simpler design. No more embossed design on the handle.


This tint is available in 4 shades. 01 is a pinkish color, 02 is red, 03 is orange and 04 is deep red.

Price: Before this was only Php 198. It became 228 pesos then went up to 248 pesos.

This can dry up quickly. After using the wand, evenly spread it on the lips immediately using your finger then wait for it to dry.


– Locally available
– Available in 4 shades.
– Same cherry scent
– 02 is a subtle red shade❤️
– Gives natural reddish color when applied once
– Apply twice or more for a darker color

– Can still accentuate dry areas.
– Not long lasting

– The price. It became pricey in my opinion but pretty sure others will still find it affordable

That’s my quick updated review on a lip tint from Etude House. What’s your favorite lippie right now?

Im getting tired of product reviewing although Im just doing them on weekends. I think Im going to post my “me time” and reviews on spas, salons, cafes and restaurants soon.

I’ll start my acne scars treatment this July too. Im so excited to share my experience with you guys especially with the acne sufferers out there. I want to keep this blog fresh and be informative in some ways. 🙂

To my readers, please feel free leave a comment or email me if have any suggestion for my future posts. 🙂