Review: MINISO Lemon & Aloe Cleansing Wipes

You guys know that I have tried Mumuso’s wipes before. All these shops are popping up. I hopped in the bandwagon again.๐Ÿ˜… This is my intro review for Miniso. I roamed around and the first thing I noticed was their lemon cleansing wipes. It’s so big and I love products with lemon extracts. The aloe variant was just an impulse buy.



– Affordable, 99 pesos for 30 sheets
– Each sheet is in a plastic pack
– No breakouts/contact dermatitis
– Great for traveling

– Contains citric acid


– Affordable, 99 pesos
– 80 sheets
– With hard plastic seal
– Thick sheets
– Sheets are bigger compared to others
– Moist enough to remove makeup
– Removes all my makeup (bb cream, concealer and powder foundation)
– No breakouts/contact dermatitis

– Contains citric acid

As you can see from the pros and cons, I prefer the Lemon Cleansing Wipes. Great price for the amount of sheets. The hard plastic seal will keep them moist.ย It completely removed my makeup. Aloe variant is more for freshening up. Carry it in your bag and/or wallet. They’re individually packed so it’s ideal for traveling. It wont take up much space in your bag.

I’m liking Miniso’s big paper bag for every purchase. It’s giving me Uniqlo and Muji vibes. Ooh fancy!๐Ÿ˜› I’ll try more of their products soon. I’m on the waitlist for their bestselling Rose Toner. That one is hyped here in Manila. Let’s see if it will meet my standards.

What do you recommend from this brand?โ˜บ


Taking Birth Control Pills for Acne?

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Okay, I went to get a second opinion from another dermatologist last month. She assessed my skin and I told her that I have hormonal acne. She recommended a birth control pill, Yaz. She said it doesnt have any side effect. I doubt, (acne) meds have side effects. I didnt buy immediately. I searched on the internet first. Im that kind of person who weighs advantages and disadvantages of everything that I do. I havent bought the pill until now.

I’ve seen lots of positive feedbacks on contraceptive pills to get rid of acne. I talked to a youtube user in the comments section of MyPaleSkin’s latest video. She said it was the only thing that cleared her acne. That’s the problem with hormonal acne. Im thinking the same way now for myself. Of course diet and health help to balance hormones but I still get those big angry bumps. What scared me is the possible side effect; blood clots and heart attack even healthy women are at risk. Her derma told her to do cardio regularly. I’ll probably do the same if I take it.

I’m taking Centrum right now. I can feel that it balances my hormones because I dont have menstrual cramps anymore. It doesnt prevent breakouts though. My immune system is weak since I was young and until now. I’m also working on my diet and health. No alcohol, softdrinks, less sugar, salt and dairy products. I still have my cheat day but it’s just one day and not too much. I’m still considering taking the said pills if Im completely healthy.

I want to hear your comments on this especially those who are currently taking the pills and those who are already done with it. ๐Ÿ™‚