I have to try this one! :O Hope it’ll be effective. *fingers crossed*

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Product Name: Hiruscar
Packaging: 20g in a tube
Price: SGD 25.90 from most local pharmacies

4.5 out of 5 stars

I went to see a GP nearby my house for diarrhoea recently and the doctor kept on mentioning about the severity of my pimple scars. -_-” i told him it happened during my pregnancy where i can have more than 25 pimples on the face at any one go! and now i am still breastfeeding… so how? what to do? When my son grows older then i go laser to remove the scars lo.. and he introduced me something called “Erase Scar Gel” for scars remover! He ask me to try it and i should see improvements in one week!

True enough, i applied the gel day and night and my acne scarring have improved alot, the red marks have faded and the pitted holes (old and new)…

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  1. salamat sa paginform 🙂 1 day na lang ung remaining. hehe! walang peeling na nangyayari? hindi namumula? pano? hehe! ^^

  2. aw. di muna ako bibili. wala pa din akong budget ehh. hehe! tsaka 1st time kong bibili ng online, kinakabahan ako. haha! inform mo na lang ulit ako pag meron na ulit, hehehe! ty.

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