International Giveaway: win Klairs Supple Blemish BB Cream!!!

Hello readers. I have good news for you! Here’s another collaboration with Wishtrend. This time it’s an international giveaway. Meaning you can join wherever you are as long as you have a valid address. Majority suggested makeup. Your wish is granted. We’re giving away one (1) Klairs Supple Blemish BB Cream.

What’s Klairs BB Cream?
No grey cast / No dry patch / Not cakey. Redness and pores coverage. Anti-irritation formula. SPF40 PA+++Capturing your natural skin tone color, Klairs BB Cream pulls out the best of what you got underneath. Your natural skin, only better! You look so wonderful just the way you are,
enhance your natural beauty with the BB cream Korean women love so much! Suitable for every skin type, even sensitive and acne prone.



You just have to follow these simple rules and you’ll have an entry.


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This giveaway will have a duration of 2 weeks starting now until September 10, 2016, 10PM Philippine Time PHT.

Strictly 1 entry per person only.

One (1) winner will be chosen using a random generator. It will be announced in a new post on September 11, 2016 and notified through instagram direct message and/or email following the information needed for shipping. The winner should respond within 2 days after the announcement.

If you’re below 18 years old, please ask for your parents’ permission if you want to join. Because we need some of your info for shipping in case you win.👍

Good luck!

Review: Celeteque Hydration Facial Wash

Going back to reviewing this weekend. A member of a facebook group asked for reviews on Celeteque Hydration Facial Wash. Most of the commenters liked it and some even said it’s their holy grail. Syempre I had to try it out.

My sister bought a tube when she ran out of her cleanser. It’s my chance to use it! Haha! Honestly I was scared just like how I would normally feel when using a new product. But I was hoping it will be okay since I love their Hydration Toner. That’s one of my favorite toners ever. I tried this cleanser for 1 to 2 weeks. Just to see if there’s any harsh reaction or if my skin changes.

CÉLETEQUE DermoScience™ Hydration Facial Wash has Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF) that helps restore the skin’s proper moisture balance. It also has mild cleansing agents that effectively clean without drying the skin.


-Available in department stores and supermarkets
-Affordable; 75 pesos for 60ml, 118 pesos for 100ml, 270 pesos for 250ml
-No irritations and breakouts
-Little goes a long way
-Skin feels soft and bouncy

-Leaves a film
-Has sodium laureth sulfate & other possible irritants

It’s always important to check the ingredients list. It says on the packaging that it’s non comedogenic. It’s easy for brands to claim their products “non comedogenic”. The 2nd ingredient is sodium laureth sulfate (SLES), a mild comedogenic cleansing ingredient that creates lather/bubbles. It’s not as harsh as sodium lauryl sulfate. I’m not saying you should freak out when you see them on the label. Of course, it will depend on your sensitivity. Everyone’s skin is different. You have to try it out and see for yourself.

Here’s CosDNA analysis
“With Natural Moisturizing Factor”, I have to agree at some point. My skin did not feel dry inside. Glycerin is the safest out of all moisturizers in this product. It also has chamomile, a favorite of mine for calming.  I just dont like that SLES leaves film on the surface. That’s what I’ve experienced from other products with it. The film is removed with toner so be sure to do the next step.

What I like about this is it’s non drying, not because of the film. This cleanser makes my skin soft and bouncy. It’s the same effect when I used Mizon Snail Cream before. Good thing it did not cause irritation and breakouts. It’s affordable and available in 3 sizes that fit in every budget. Buy a small one first if you’re planning to test it. Overall, I still think it’s a decent cleanser if you dont have problematic skin.

Review: Rucy’s Vanity Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner

It’s been a while since I posted about eye makeup. I rarely buy products for eyelids because mine are so small. The only acceptable thing for me and noticeable is eyeliner.

I was looking at the bath and cosmetics section in a supermarket few weeks ago. I told myself I’m not going to buy anything. I changed my mind when I saw the kiosk of Rucy’s Vanity. It’s a korean brand with affordable makeup and skincare, if you guys didnt know. Range is from 80 ($2) pesos to 300 pesos ($6). Their liquid liner was on my wishlist so I had to get it.


7ml. Long lasting Water-proof eyeliner with deep black pigmentation that last whole day without smudging

to be added later

Here’s the brush. It’s so thin but you can easily draw thick lines too.PhotoGrid_1471417029189-1

-Available online and in-stores; department stores and supermarkets
-Affordable, 160 pesos ($3)
-I like simple packaging and no spills
-Easy to remove with makeup remover (it’s a pro because I’m a newbie in makeup)
-No smudge
-Thin brush applicator
-It’s easy to create sharp wings with this
-Perfect for monolids like mine

-I dont think there’s any.

Testing it with water

I rubbed them thrice after testing with water. The 3rd photo above shows the results. There are some gaps but majority stayed in place. Who would actually rub their eyes when they have eyeliner on? Hahaha. Keep in mind that it’s easily removed with makeup wipes/remover. A plus for me because we’re all about avoiding fine lines.

Please excuse my messy brow. I cant do much with my monolid. I could draw the simplest line with it. 2 coats are enough to make it dark and cover everything. I have warts on the area so going through it twice fills gaps. It dries in a few seconds. I’m oily but there’s no smudging. It lasts the whole day too. No allergic reactions.


This is by far my favorite liner aside from the fork pen Yni-Picturesque. Its brush makes it easy to create thin and thick wings. The price is amazing too.  Just because something’s affordable doesnt mean it’s low quality. Here’s a proof. I highly recommend it. Next on my list: their BB cream and mascara. I’ll get them soon. Most of the time they have discounts. Check out their website

Makeup Empties + Review Recap


I’m cleaning my makeup bag and I’m going to throw all used up and expired products. I dont know why I love to keep empty packagings. It’s like I’m attached to them. Is that weird? Haha. I decided to have a review recap just to see if my opinions change over time or I’d consider to repurchase them again.

Essence Superfine Eyeliner Penimages
I remember using this once or twice only because it’s dry. Yes, it was already dry from my first swatch. It was difficult for me to create sharp wings. I expect drugstore items to work just as good as other brands. I wont repurchase this although it’s affordable. Old review here

Etude House Oh M Eye Lineimages-1-1

My first ever liquid liner. I reviewed this last year. Good if you’re just practicing with ulzzang makeup. It crumbles and you wont have panda eyes if you made a mistake. I dont like the applicator. It’s like a thin sponge. Not a brush that’s why it’s also difficult to create sharp wings. I guess this is more for ulzzang liner. You know the one that isnt as sharp and doesn’t need much precise application. I wont repurchase this again simply because of its sponge applicator. Old review here

Pink Sugar Our Lil Secret Concealerimages-2-1
Local beauty bloggers were raving about this last year. I tried this and I expected so much from this. It does give light to buildable medium coverage. I wont repurchase this. It breaks my heart but unfortunately there’s no shade for me. I’m in between the 01 and 02. I was planning to mix the two but I think it’s impossible since it’s water based and sets quickly. It oxidizes on me turning to orange. It’s so easy for me to find a good shade from korean brands. I guess I have to stick with them for face products. Old review here

The Face Shop Lovely Me:Ex Design My Eyebrow

Bought this twice. This is definitely one of the best brow pencils in my opinion. It has triangular shape to help you draw and fill in sparse areas. It did not make my brows look drawn. It’s natural looking perfect for everyday use. The Face Shop has monthly promos. There are times that this item is on buy 1 take 1 promo. I will repurchase this once I’m done with my two pencils from other brands. Old review here

The Face Shop Lovely Me:Ex Stick ConcealerdownloadfileI love using it on my undereye as it instantly brightens the area. It can be cakey though but it wont be a problem if you’ll use the right amount. It’s not oily and long lasting. I noticed its fragrance. It’s like lemon fresh scent. I’m exploring other brands so I wont repurchase this. Old review here

Finally, my bag has space again….. space for what? Maybe for new products. Excuses excuses. I’ll definitely visit a department store soon. I hope my wallet will allow me to have a little haul.😅

What’s the one makeup you would keep on repurchasing and one that you regret? Share your experience in the comments below.😊

Affordable Solutions for Chest & Back Acne/Bacne

I’ve been asked so many times about back acne. Most of them were teens so I wanted this list to feature affordable products. I still get bacne, one or two blemishes when it’s the time of the month. Here’s a list to help you reduce them while lightening the spots.

Kojie San Kojic Acid Soap

images-1I always recommend this because it’s effective. I personally use this and I like it. It dries up zits quickly and prevents dark spots. Hyperpigmentation is another problem with chest and back acne. Why not solve two problems at the same time, right? Look for a product with dual-function to get your money’s worth. You can get it for as low as 50 pesos depending on the weight and set quantity.

Belo Tranexamic Kojic Soap

images-2Another kojic-based soap but this time it has Tranexamic Acid. It’s stronger compared to Kojie San in my opinion. It also has lactic and salicylic acid. It has dual function too; treats and whitens. Belo is one of the most famous clinics in the Philippines. Luckily, we dont have to get it in their clinic. It’s sold in supermarkets and drugstores too. It’s 60 pesos per bar.

Snoe Shoozit Spray Me From Behind


It fights body blemishes with Anti-Acne PUREFIX-DC and pore-clearing Salicylic Acid. These powerful antibacterial agents purify skin from head-to-toe for an acne-fighting advantage wherever you need it. It is gentle enough for daily use. It’s 349 pesos for 100ml.

DIY Salicylic & Tea Tree Spray

If you’re masipag, you can make your own bacne spray. Get a spray bottle and pure salicylic acid at the drugstore. Rhea is famous for that. There’s below 20 pesos, 40 pesos depending on the size. Affordable, isn’t it? They have 10% salicylic acid. I wont recommend using it alone since it’s strong. Mix it with water and estimate how concetrated you’d like it to be. Dont forget to do a patch test first.

A mild option is tea tree spray. I recommend Human Nature’s Tea Tree Heritage Oil. It’s 295 pesos for 30ml. Mix it with water. You can use the oil alone if someone can apply it for you…. Cause it’s quite difficult to reach our back area.

You can also try apple cider vinegar spray. Mix it with water because it’s strong too. ACV smells quite funky so consider that if you’re sensitive to scents. The most raved ACV of Bragg’s is available in Healthy Options for 230 pesos.

I hope this will be helpful to someone out there. I know you guys are searching this topic. I can see it in my stats. Haha. What’s your favorite anti-acne treatment? We’d like to know.😉

By the way, I updated my list of Face Masks Under 500 pesos for Oily and Acne Prone Skin. Click here to read it.

Review: Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner

Hey guys and gals. I have a new skin care review for you today. I’ve been introduced to Klairs through You might have seen Supple Preparation Facial Toner in some of their videos on Youtube. I really wanted to test it out and see why beauty addicts love it so much. Luckily, Wishtrend emailed me again for another opportunity and they sent me a bottle of the upgraded version.


KLAIR’S toner hydrates and calms sensitive skin post-cleansing and tidies the skin texture to smoothen while maintaining the optimal pH balance to help the absorption of other products as well. With a various plant extracts and soothing ingredients blended together for a calming formula, the non-irritating, super hydrating toner can be used for sensitive skin as well.


-Huge size, 180ml
-Has lots of plant ingredients
-No fragrance
-Alcohol free
-The dispenser avoids spills
-Easily glides on the skin
-No sting or redness
-Can be used as toner or mask
-Instant hydration
-No irritation or breakouts

-A bit pricey

I’m 22 years old and I’m changing my skin care routine from anti-acne to moisturizing products now. I’m using this toner for two weeks already and so far so good. It not as runny like water or the usual toners. It comes out in drops to avoid spills and prevents you from wasting anything. Making sure every cent is worth it. I use 3 to 4 drops on a cotton ball everytime.


Its consistency reminds me of ampoules, a little thick but very light and liquidy once it’s spread. It has a lot of moisturizing oils but it’s not sticky or oily/no film. I was praying not to have blemishes while using it. I’m so glad I didnt have those. It quickly hydrates my skin. It feels like I dont even need to use my Aquaphor. But I still do anyway. Remember that we should use cream/serums even if our toners are hydrating.

It can also be used as a mask based from Wishtrend’s recommendation. Just get some facial cotton sheets and load it up with this. Use it for 10 to 15 minutes just like a sheet mask. You guys know that I love it when a product has different uses. This is in my latest skin care routine. The whole set will be posted by the end of this month.

I’d recommend this to those:
Who want a hydrating toner
With sensitive skin
Who dont want alcohol in products
In their 20s

P.s. I just found out that this brand is against animal testing… which I was hoping for korean brands. You can get this on Wishtrend for local and  international orders; BeautyMNL for PH orders.

So, have you tried any of Klairs’ products? Let us know what are your thoughts them or any product suggestions. ☺

June – July 2016 Favorites

It took a while for us to select these products. I combined them because I didnt want to make a short post. I use the same routine but I added new items. Products for sunburn and skin repairing. I also included my favorite food and music.

Skin Care


Skinlite Makeup Remover Wipes
Etude House Every Month Cleansing Tissue is always sold out in stores. This became my favorite. Purederm is its sister company. It has 30 sheets for 89 pesos ($2) only. How affordable is that? It removes my makeup with just one sheet. It’s in plastic packaging and box. You’re sure that they wont dry out. It’s always available in Landmark Department Stores.

SKQIN Dual Sissi Mask (Gold & Silver)
I felt that my skin wants extra hydration. These masks fit my face shape perfectly. It wont slide off. I can move freely. It moisturizes skin like a baby’s bum.

Gloria’s Lavender Soap
My sister bought a soap set during our Boracay trip. The first thing we used was the lavender soap. We’re using it until now that we’re back home. We are obsessed with lavender. Even our diffuser is in that scent.

Foodaholic Snail 100 Soothing Gel
This gel helped to soothe our sunburn. It calms the skin right away. Instantly, like few seconds after application. We use it for the whole body because it’s not sticky. No residue and it feels like we didnt apply anything.

My sister knows that I love snail. She saw me using TM’s line in 2011. She finally tried the magic of snail slime. Her sunburn and peeling on the face got better in just 2 days of using Foodaholic Snail Soothing Gel. She loves it now!

Rucy’s Vanity Whitening Lotion
I bought foundation and it matches my face skin tone. But my neck, chest, arms and legs became dark when we went to the beach. I’m using this lotion on my neck and chest. Hoping it would at least help to whiten those areas.

Most products in this post are for hydration. My skin felt super dry when we’re in the plane. Probably because of the pressure and lack of air. I could really feel it and it’s uncomfortable.



I kept on eating fries these past few days. I know it’s unhealthy. I’m trying to control myself. I’m craving for Potato Corner’s cheese flavor and McDonald’s. Aaaah. So good!

Dunkin Donut Choco Butternut
My all time favorite donut. It’s just right and not too sweet. They said choco butternut is now in the premium line. It just got thicker. Nothing changed with its taste.

Image from

Green Day
I’ve been listening to Green Day songs lately….. as in everyday. Some of my favorites; Give Me Novacaine, Boulevard of Broken Dreams, American Idiot, Wake Me Up When September Ends, 21 Guns, Holiday, Good Riddance, Basket Case and the 9-minute song, Jesus of Suburbia. I grew up listening to them. I want to see them live someday. Their fans say they sound so good in live concerts. Punk rock will always have a special place in my heart. One of my most favorite genres.

What were you obsessing on for this month?