Review: Nature Essentials Pure Maracuja Oil

Good afternoon readers! Today’s review is about a natural skincare. This is my second time to use an oil type moisturizer. The first one was jojoba oil. This was sent to me by Nature Essentials. I said that it takes me two weeks or more to fully make a review of something. I want to provide before and after photos as much as possible.

Please take note that I applied this on my nose area only. The other parts of my face is extremely oily and I’m still applying scar gel on my deep chickenpox scars.



What is Maracuja Oil?
“Maracuja oil is said to act as an emollient (a substance that increases the skin’s hydration). Proponents claim that the oil is a rich source of many substances thought to enhance skin health, including essential fatty acids, minerals, and antioxidants (such as vitamin C).”


Before and after: The red spots were cause by chickenpox


First pic was taken last April 5 ; Second pic was taken last night April 25

– The bottom of the packaging is wide which avoids spills.
– Dropper makes it easier for me to control the amount of oil
– Can also be used as a highlighter
– Instantly gives rich moisture to my dry skin areas
– Didnt cause any breakouts
– It absorbs quickly if you just use the right amount
– Doesnt leave film / oily texture on the skin
– It soothes my irritated post-chickenpox skin
– Helped to lighten red spots


– It smelled weird during the first few days of application. But I got used to it. :)

Did you see any difference? Honestly, I underestimated oils because they are a bit thick compared to serums and essences. I wasn’t expecting to see huge improvements on my red spots. I was shocked when I compared the photos. It did make a difference! It must be the antioxidant properties.

Am I satisfied with this? Yes! It did an amazing job to lighten the spots that I have. It took less than a month to see improvements on the skin. I learned that facial oils do not just give hydration but it helps with the overall health of skin. A big thank you to Nature Essentials for sending this product.

Check out Nature Essentials here:
Facebook: click here
Instagram: @natureessentials

My 2015 Birthday Haul

This post combines my haul from February to April (which is my birth month). Some products are not in the pic. I already forgot I purchased them. Lol. They are still in this post. Thank goodness I saved a draft months ago. The serums are in my wishlist so I had to buy them. I just grabbed the others quickly without even realizing it until I paid at the counter. Hahaha. image

The products are in random order. Please click the photo to enlarge it.


  • C20 Pure Vitamin C 21.5 Advanced Serum
  • Garnier Milky Dew Toner
  • Labdee Alpha Arbutin Serum – review here
  • Lee Ji Ham Tea Tree 90 Essence – review here
  • Lovien Flower Therapy Oil Type Deep Cleansing Tissues
  • Lovien Flower Therapy Water Type Fresh Cleansing Tissues
  • Nature Essentials Maracuja Oil (sponsored) – review here
  • Nature Essentials Rose Water (sponsored)
  • Skinlite Make-up Cleansing Tissues


  • Holika Holika Sweet Cotton Pore BB Cream in 01
  • The Face Shop Lovely ME:EX Design My Brow – review here
  • Tony Moly Face Mix Concealer in 02 – review here


  • Banila Co Sun Base
  • Benefit POREfessional Agent Zero Shine
  • Benefit POREfessional Primer
  • COSRX BHA Skin Returning A-Sol
  • Etude House Heart Mask Sheet
  • Etude House Pomegranate Mask Sheet
  • Etude House Moistfull Collagen Trial Kit
  • Etude House Remover Kit
  • Etude House Sunprise All Proof SPF 50
  • Etude House Stay Up Foundation in Pure
  • Etude House Precious Mineral BB Bright Fit
  • Nature Repbulic Snail Solution Mask Sheet

There you have it. I have also included the links of those I have reviewed already. I still have a lot to review. These products are interesting for me. I’m excited to try them and share with you what I think about them. :)

Review: LJH Tea Tree 90 Essence

Hello! Im back with another review after a month. I went on a little hiatus because I got sick. I should’ve done this review before but it felt like I needed to use this longer before I could share my thoughts with you. I preordered this last February and got it last month. It’s fine with me though. I was searching for a moisturizer because I noticed that I was breaking out without any moisturizer. I’ve seen this product on Memebox. It’s the best seller and read a lot of positive reviews.

Here’s the packaging: it’s wider compared to other cosmetic bottles. ljh

What is it? An age-old remedy for a spectrum of skin conditions including acne and eczema, tea tree oil reduces redness, soothes, and rejuvinates the skin. Formulated with 90% natural tea tree extract, you can feel its power of revitalization as Tea Tree 90 Essence alleviates uneven skin tone, minimizes redness, refreshes the skin, and improves overall complexion. With over 800x more Vitamin C than an apple, your skin will thank you for the invigorating treatment that leaves it rejuvinated and radiant.

What it looks like: it’s just clear and runny liquid ljh2

Swatches: ljh3Pros:

  •  50ml is huge
  • I like that its bottle is wider. I put this on the bed while Im applying and no spill!
  • I love the scent. (My sister find it weird but I guess I got used to the scent of tea tree)
  • Its consistency is pretty nice
  • Watery which is fully absorbed by the skin in seconds
  • Doesn’t make my skin oilier
  • Doesn’t leave film texture
  • Did not cause breakouts


  • Not available locally. But no problem if you’re an online shopper. You can preorder it from korean cosmetics sellers.
  • Did not prevent breakouts
  • No brightening
  • No improvement on existing pimple
  • Description and ingredients dont have english translation (have to search for them online)

You can give this a try especially if you have no acne or you just have mild acne. You’ll even love it if it will work well for you. I stopped using this for now because Im focusing on applying scar gel on my chickenpox scars. I’ll get back to this. Good news, I will be reviewing products again every weekend. Next saturday, I’ll be posting my Birthday Haul which includes brands that you might have never heard or seen before.

Review: LabDee Alpha Arbutin Serum

Good evening readers. Thai skincare products became famous in the Philippines last year. I was really curious because all the before and after effects look convincing. Yes, I’m a Marketer but still believe in some advertisements.

This is my second thai product. The first thing I’ve tried was Pasjel’s Body Cream. Anyway, I bought this because I wanted a whitening serum to help fade my dark spots. I originally want another serum but it’s really expensive. This one is affordable and doesn’t actually hurt my wallet.



Im assuming these are the ingredients:


And here’s how the serum looks like after application



  • affordable. Bought it around 230php
  • 10ml size, which I think is good for those who want to try it.
  • available locally through online
  • few ingredients. Less is more, right?
  • didn’t cause irritation
  • absorbs quickly
  • doesn’t leave film
  • it did brighten up my skin


  • the quality changed and not liquidy, not the same with the photos online.
  • no improvements on my dark spots

There you have it. Did you try any skincare products from Thailand? Let me know. ;)

First Impression: Grinif Rawganic Jojoba Golden Oil

Good evening readers! This is a first ever “first impression” post. I’ll post what I think about a product after using for the first time. Just to give you an idea about a new product.


Btw, I got this from Memebox Daily Dose of Beauty. Grinif is a korean brand which uses natural ingredients. It’s tag line is “Skintherapy by nature”. Rawganic refers to non processed, purely natural ingredients.

Here’s the full description:
imageFull Ingredients:

Jojoba Oil, Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Oil, Tocopheryl Acetate

Apply desire amount, press slightly using fingers to help skin absorb the oil faster.

My swatches:


Here’s what I think about after using the product:

– Love the classy packaging
– 50 ml which is big. You can use this for a long time.
– Few ingredients, very few. You’re sure that the product is organic.
– Smells really good. Lavender scent is soothing and relaxing. Im thinking of putting it on my neck before I sleep to helps me relax.
– Little goes a long way
– Very moisturizing. Dry skin will love this.
– It takes longer to be absorbed compared to other moisturizers
– Jojoba oil is multifunctional. It can also be mixed with foundation for a dewy look and can be a highlighter alone
– Makes skin glow, like you’ve just used a highlighter.

Overall, this is good for those who need moisturizing and those who like to boost skin. For oily skin like me, you might not like this because it gives glow and skin might get too glowy if you’re oily already. It’s multifunctional as an aid for dewy look and highlighter. I got those tips from Wayne Goss.

Review: RHEA Salicylic Acid 10% Solution

Good evening readers! I hope you are having a great Saturday. Tonight’s review is about my current spot treatment for acne. Let’s see if this works for me.

I’m in search for the best spot treatment and a member of my facebook group recommended this one. I thought it might be effective plus it’s really affordable compared to other products. I finally decided to buy this because I want to minimize spending on pimple injections for cystic acne and facials for small ones. Of course, I still do that but for cystic ones only.

Here’s the packaging:

Here’s a tip:
– Use a cotton bud and dab the product on the pimple.
– To minimize the sting, stay in front of a fan just like what doctors do when you have
chemical peels
– Buy the smallest size because it’s sensitive to air, see the cap above.

– Comes in three sizes. This one’s 60 ml at PHP 35.25 (I bought this because it’s the smallest size at the store that time)
– Available at Mercury Drugstores and I also saw this is available at Puregold supermarket.
– Can be used for acne and warts
– This is concentrated, pure salicylic acid
– Helps to dry up pimples
– It does help to remove pimples
– I actually like the peeling of the skin because it helps to minimize the appearance of my hyperpigmentation

– It stings more compared to other spot treatments I’ve tried (of course it’s pure)
– Doesn’t do much on cystic acne (dry up or remove)
– Can spill so make sure to store it in a safe place

Overall, Im still satisfied with this because it helps to minimize those pesky pimples. The peeling of the pimples and around them make a difference. The hyperpigmentation is lighter compared to other spot treatments I’ve used. It would’ve been better if it can dry up my cystic acne on cheeks. If it does, it will surely be my holy grail. :)

Review: The Face Shop Lovely ME:EX Design My Eyebrow

Happy Sunday everyone! It’s The Face Shop week on my blog. :) Honestly, I don’t fix my eyebrows. Yesterday I had them fixed at the salon. So forgive me if my brows are not on “fleek” in this post. Haha.

So here’s the packaging:


I usually buy eyebrow pencils for my sister. She’s legit when it comes to this thing. I’ve bought her Tony Moly, The Face Shop and Etude House brow pencils. The only thing that she approved is The Face Shop because it doesn’t break unlike the two other brands mentioned. :P


I got the shade 05 Dark Gray. I chose this shade because it’s not that intense compared to black and it will look more natural. Here’s my swatches. Excuse my face. I just cut my hair short yesterday and I look more like a guy. :)))

image image


  • affordable
  • nice spooly
  • available in different shades
  • doesn’t break easily and not messy
  • not messy so it’s travel friendly
  • easy to blend
  • looks natural for me
  • lasts the whole day although I have oily skin


  • None

I bought eyebrow pencils for myself too but didn’t use them. This is the first pencil that I’ve actually used. Haha. :) Overall, I like it because it’s easy to use. It doesn’t break which means no mess at all.