Breast Ultrasound @ Makati Med

Breast Ultrasound @ Makati Med

Today we’ll discuss the process of breast ultrasound, how much does it cost and tips. I went to the doctor recently. I felt like something’s wrong with my breasts. I kept on overthinking so I decided to have a check up. Just clear off my mind and to know if there’s something wrong.

My doctor is a general surgeon. She assessed both sides. She said they are like lumps. Just to be sure, she recommended bilateral sonomammography to check then return to her clinic with the results.

I also asked her why I cant have mammogram instead. She said it won’t be accurate because 25 years old and below are still sensitive to radiation.

There’s also an answer for that question when I read the results. 25 years old and below are not suggested to have mammogram due to low incidence of breast cancer and tissues’ sensitivity to radiation. “Due to low incidence” still doesnt make me feel good and confident, honestly. There’s still risk. I really want to get mammogram scan but I have to wait for the right age. I even want to have mastectomy done.

Makati Med’s bi-sonomammography is high definition. They said it’s more advanced than the regular ultrasound. There’s a gown provided before the procedure. You’ll be asked to raise your arm each side during the procedure. They’ll place the machine on 3 sides of each breast. One on top then sides after. The machine is like a computer scanner. There’s a slight discomfort. It should be as close as possible so don’t mind the pressure. The procedure almost took an hour. They will double check the ultrasound if it needs to be repeated before you can change back to your clothes.

I booked a schedule at their Breast Clinic. It’s time consuming for walk-ins. You have to wait and they can’t predict whether the scheduled patient will arrive or not. It’s best to set an appointment in advance. Remember to arrive 30 minutes before your schedule to fill up forms.

The nurse told me a soft copy (CD) is already included in the payment (P2,700). I suggest you inform the nurse about the cd. You have a soft copy and the doctor can look at it on the computer. The releasing of result takes 3 working days. I had mine on monday and they scheduled to claim it on thursday. I claimed it on friday instead so I can have a follow up check up from my doctor on the same day.

My doctor said it’s best to have it done 7 to 10 days from your 1st day of menstruation. Take note of that.

Ultrasound Cost: P2,700

My doctor’s fee is separate from the ultrasound. Take note that you need to have doctor’s referral before you can schedule an ultrasound at their Breast Clinic.